“Teacher evaluation” teacher junior intermediate natural promotion?It’s not as easy as you think

2022-05-08 0 By

Teachers industry has always been received extensive attention of everyone, especially the teachers’ professional titles have been continuously reform in recent years, a lot of evaluation system for teachers is indeed a good news, such as the primary intermediate can be natural promotion of teachers, indeed, many teachers feel title appraisal have new hope again, some people think that natural promotion is not required,This is wrong.1, we often see in the Internet some banter about teachers’ professional evaluation, many teachers said hard work for many years, primary title, eventually did for teachers, for it is not a lot of people have met this kind of situation, especially for primary and secondary school teachers, the title is there is a certain difficulty, in most cases, they need to and other places, such as deployment,However, there is a big gap between the quota and the number of teachers. Many of them have reached the retirement age before their turn. This situation does have some emotions for teachers.2. In view of the difficulty of teacher evaluation, relevant departments also issued a notice on teacher evaluation last year. For example, elementary and intermediate teachers are no longer limited by the proportion of posts, and can be promoted naturally according to the number of years and requirements.The release of this provision is indeed very beneficial to teachers, but is the primary intermediate title of teachers really so simple as natural promotion?We should not over-interpret it. It is not that we do not pay attention to it, but the proportion of posts is no longer limited. However, the requirements for working years and promotion, including preparation of performance materials, are still more important, which is not what we understand literally.As for the evaluation of senior titles, it is still affected by post setting at present.Teachers, in general, as evaluation system has been running a good direction, or worth of teachers expect primary intermediate natural promotion is also a good news for teachers, but don’t read too much into it, natural promotion does not mean there is no requirement, teachers are to be well prepared, hope the teacher can harvest the title of their satisfaction.If you feel helpful, remember to like + attention oh, look forward to your encouragement!If you need to consult, please leave your contact information in a private message, professional teachers will communicate with you the first time!(Editing by Wen Yan)