When do dogs change their teeth?Bulldog: Life is fickle.

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As we all know, dogs usually start their tooth replacement when they are about 3-7 months old.Baby teeth will definitely fall out at this stage, but it’s not always easy to spot. The tooth may have been eaten with dog food, or it may have fallen in a corner!▲ Three months later, as a poop shoveler, I have to take precautions in advance when dogs bite things that are particularly serious.Shoes, pads and other things that are easy to touch and taste good, should be put away as far as possible.Although can not chew the furniture can not be collected, but a dog to chew furniture to stop it in time, if it is really tube, no one at home when you can consider temporarily shut it in a smaller space!A separate room with less furniture, or a cage, as well as electricity, power, detergent, and other things that may be harmful to the dog should be taken care of to keep him out of contact, because this period of dogs are gnathe…▲ Today this French bulldog, the only big guard tooth also fell out, feeling like a grain of rice, so cute.The lack of teeth in the mouth is even worse…▲ Had not seen a few teeth mouth is worse…Bald as an old lady?▲ When a dog changes teeth, it is a normal phenomenon that the teeth that fell off can not be found. It is likely that it is mixed with food to eat it, or it may be dropped somewhere. Don’t worry about this.What the owner needs to do is to observe the growth of the new teeth every day, sometimes the new teeth grow a lot, the old teeth do not fall down.If the time is long, it is easy to cause some problems in the position of the new teeth and gums.If it has an old tooth does not always fall out, for good dog owners can try to shake the old teeth at home, to help it fall down, if it does not work, just go to the doctor for help, the family has special pliers, can be very convenient to pull out the tooth, dozens of dollars will be done.▲ Dog tooth replacement starts at 4 months of age, permanent teeth are replaced at 6 months of age, and permanent teeth are replaced after 8 months of age.So 4 to 8 months of age during the dog if the phenomenon of tooth loss, is the normal performance of tooth change, will soon grow out, the owner does not need to worry too much.But pay attention to the dog’s nutrition during this period, you can feed the dog some calcium tablets and trace elements.When the dog to seven or eight years old, gradually into the old age, teeth will also start to lose, which is normal physiological performance category.Of course, there are also unexpected situations that cause dogs to lose teeth. For example, dogs will lose teeth because of fighting, bone gnawing, hitting the threshold and other reasons.Remember to pay attention to me ~ give you a good look, update every day not lost!