Why do women have better color perception than men?

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Why do women have better color perception than men?Why do women have a better sense of color than men?The world is indeed more colorful for women.A gene called opsin, called OPN1LW, is located on the X chromosome and is responsible for identifying the red region of the spectrum.Sometimes it swaps amino acids with its neighbor’s green vision gene.This exchange of genetic material can lead to significant visual differences and even an inability to perceive colors.Men have both the X and Y chromosomes, so they can only have one of the opsin genes.Women, on the other hand, have two X chromosomes and double the opsin gene, which enhances their ability to perceive the orange-yellow-red region of the spectrum, enhancing colour perception.(Note: this article part of the content and pictures or quotes from the network, if there are violations please remind private letter –) your “like” and “look” is the greatest encouragement to the miracle!!Family workplace campus/personal development/emotional and psychological counseling