An advanced US fighter jet crashed into the deck of an aircraft carrier, intended to show off, but turned into a scene of shame

2022-05-09 0 By

Recently, with great fanfare, the US has deployed three nuclear-powered aircraft carriers and two amphibious assault ships (one of which is Japanese) to form a mighty fleet, flexing its muscles.Unexpectedly, the muscle did not show success, but turned into a large “rollover” scene.An F-35 fighter jet landed heavily on the deck of the carrier, injuring seven sailors.Obviously, the Americans did not go out to read the “almancalendar”, did not worship the “dragon King”, there is a major accident who blame!An F-35C fighter jet crashed heavily on the deck of the USS Carl Vinson while landing on the aircraft carrier, the Global Times reported on January 25, citing US media.Although the pilot ejected, the impact injured seven sailors.The Navy has not reported whether the jet broke into pieces or hit other aircraft docked on deck, causing collateral damage.However, this is the first time that an F-35C carrier aircraft has been involved in an accident while deployed at sea.Three squadrons of F-35B/C carrier-borne fighter jets converge on the much-touted strength of the US military.”This is the largest deployment of fifth-generation aircraft in the Indo-Pacific in the history of the U.S. Navy,” the NAVAL Association website boasts.But after the accident, the website should have rewritten this paragraph to read: “This is the first time in the history of the US Navy that five generations of carrier-borne aircraft have crashed in the Indo-Pacific region!”It has to be said that there is a “mysterious force” around the US Navy, as long as the US ships to do things, there will always be some serious accidents.That’s why the Americans made a taboo and angered the Dragon King!In 2021, the U.S. Navy’s “Seawwolf” class nuclear submarine “Connecticut” smashed its “front face” off at the bottom of the sea and fled to the mainland Of the United States in disgrace.At the beginning of 2022, the US Navy’s most advanced and proud fifth-generation carrier-based aircraft crashed on the deck of an aircraft carrier again. It seems that God is unwilling to bless the US military!In fact, this “mysterious force” is the powerful strength of China today, deterring the United States!The United States, eager to curb South Korea’s development through military blackmail, has repeatedly sent warships to stir up trouble despite the severe COVID-19 pandemic and sailors’ fatigue.In July 2020, the USS Richard the Good Guy, an amphibious assault ship valued at $3 billion, was reduced to “Acquaintance Richard” by a massive fire in a us mainland port.It turned out that the US Navy sailors were poorly trained to do basic damage management and fire fighting.The 40,000-ton displacement ship, which originally cost $1.2 billion, is now being sold for over $3 million per kilo at scrap metal prices, a fraction of the cost!It is believed that the final report of the us Navy’s 5th generation aircraft crash on the deck will still blame internal mismanagement.However, the US military dare not point out the real reason. It is that the US is seeking armed hegemony in order to contain China, which not only makes the US forces too limited, but also makes the sailors, who are tired and lack adequate daily training, run for a long distance, which ultimately leads to frequent accidents!With three crashes and collisions so far in the world — one in Japan, one in the UK and now the US itself — it seems the F-35B/C carrier-borne fighter has racked up some success and raised serious doubts about its reliability.British soldiers have been arrested for leaking secrets after filming and distributing images of a crashed F-35 jet, belly up and with the lid open, which they have just fished out of the Mediterranean.American pilots did not understand the performance of this new equipment, ground maintenance personnel and aircraft parts are not fit enough, so they rushed to engage in a “combat instead of training”, ultimately humiliating!The US carrier strike group is aggressively flexing its muscles, and the result is a major accident.The US army will pay a heavy price for its misbehaving!For more highlights, check out top of the nation