An old man in his 70s in Jilin province was admitted to ICU after receiving wrong blood transfusion. His family members were not satisfied with the compensation.

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A few days ago, Ms. Chen in Tonghua, Jilin province reported that her mother suffering from Alzheimer’s disease was hospitalized for treatment on the first day of the Chinese New Year. As A result, her mother with type B blood was transfused by the hospital instead of Type A blood. As A result, the mother had A high fever and was forced to be transferred to ICU.After the incident, the local medical investigation commission intervened in mediation, when the mediation results have made The Chen family very dissatisfied.According to the settlement, the hospital admitted the blood transfusion was wrong, but said Chen’s mother had underlying medical conditions and therefore played a secondary role.In terms of compensation, the hospital is only willing to bear the treatment and hospitalization costs on 15th, which total about 100,000 yuan.The hospital paid about 130,000 yuan in total, and the remaining 30,000 yuan was for Chen’s family after deducting the treatment expenses.For this result, of course, the Chen family is extremely dissatisfied.Mother has no basic disease, with the hospital transfusion wrong blood has nothing to do.The reason my mother ended up in ICU was because of the hospital.Now that the mother was not well, the hospital no longer wanted to be held responsible.Chen said she also wanted to seek legal help and use the law to defend her rights.”Xiao Zhang was poisoned to death when he went to a restaurant for dinner. The result of mediation is that the bill for the poisonous dish will be exempted and the restaurant will have to pay 1,000 yuan.””The most angry is the attitude of the hospital, compensation for the tens of thousands of beggars?An apology, a notice of criticism, and compensation is more like it.””Transfusion of plasma, unlike transfusion of red blood cells, requires a low blood type and does not require admission to the ICU.You can’t put all your serious illnesses on the blood bank.”What do you think?