Go all out to ensure the winter Olympics traffic safety and smooth Yanqing competition area multiple measures to escort the Winter Olympics

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In accordance with the “simple, safe, wonderful” run competitions, running security headquarters in yanqing division, under the unified leadership of top, flat scheduling command, traffic security group in epidemic prevention and control under the guidance of general principles, constructs the “1 + 2 + N” (a command center, two transport depot, N security routes) events of traffic command system,We will actively study and implement various security tasks, determine the main units responsible for them, and specify the time points to ensure the successful completion of transportation security tasks for the Winter Olympics and Paralympics.Fusion unified dispatching command system to coordinate, relying on the games yanqing branch command center, set up with the games organizing committee, the ministry of communications, municipal committee, high-speed, refers to the city center, understand “project, yanqing bus stop protect center of information sharing, achieve during transportation scheduling command flattening management, for the normalized operation command scheduling and emergency contingency laid a solid foundation.At the same time, the integration of Banquan comprehensive service center team, the establishment of yanqing competition area traffic command joint mechanism, jointly set up a traffic headquarters, the overall preparation of a traffic map, a traffic schedule, the implementation of yanqing competition area inside and outside the operation and scheduling integration command.During the Winter Olympic Games, Yanqing Competition area has opened two bus parking center station and Xiatun transfer station to provide parking, cleaning and elimination services for more than 1,000 winter Olympic vehicles in Yanqing Competition area.Since January 21, yanqing Bus stop and Protection Center station management team has established daily duty, regular meeting and inspection system. Up to now, three bus companies have delivered 56,648 vehicles, transported 88,415 people, driven 767,211 kilometers, and provided 17,826 disinfection services.The operation management team of Xiatun Station inspects and inspects the safety and epidemic prevention work of the station every day to ensure the safe and stable operation of the station. Up to now, 6,452 vehicles have been dispatched, 6,323 ordinary vehicles have been killed, 7,151 security personnel have been checked, 2,022 security bags have been checked, and 20 belt restricted products have been collected and stored.The Yanqing branch line of The Beijing-Zhangzhou-High-speed Railway specially provides carriages for high-risk personnel, and special channels and waiting areas are set up in Yanqing Station. A total of 272 people have worked in the closed loop of the Beijing-Zhangzhou-High-speed Railway Yanqing Station, and 1,074 people involved in the Olympics have been sent.Fully understand the car needs scientific and rational operation plan on January 21, yanqing conference official traffic security service for the winter Olympic Games, the games services guarantee 270 vehicles, open direct line 87, 9545 staff (including volunteers) and 400 spectators each time provides the high quality of point to point transport service.To protect transportation smoothly, area transport send large events experience of staff with automakers scheduling professionals consisting of traffic planning program, according to the various areas of business to transport demand, prepare the next shuttle bus operation plan, according to the number of vehicles, transport time point to arrange designated bus and transport bus, provide data support for train operation dispatching command.By midnight on February 8, the local transport support team had transported 218,000 staff and visitors and made 13,900 bus trips in total.Working day and night since the conscientious resident unimpeded traffic safety to do a good job in yanqing conference closed loop hotel transportation security, transport for transferred staff of 20 and 17 coordinator in 20 closed-loop hotel transportation scheduling, security, transportation linkage mechanism, strictly implement the closed loop management, ensure the orderly and the people involved the smooth out, safe and smooth return.Happy Holiday Inn coordinated more than 300 vehicles to guarantee volunteers’ travel by opening intersections, adding temporary traffic lights and reasonably designing internal and external traffic lines.Under the condition that all vehicles are closed, the guarantee point of humanities University makes easy-to-understand language communication signs and innovates the communication language between people and vehicles, so as to achieve smooth vehicle command and achieve “no congestion and no chaos when there are too many vehicles” in the peak period of vehicle transportation.35 companies face three partitions the capacity of nearly 4000 people, beike accommodation at service priority, the last bus left at night after 23:00 daily will decorate work, arrange personnel on-site command vehicle, count, find any situation through hand contact with the command center, the first solution, ensure all vehicles in accordance with the operation plan accurately.Daily care + emergency ChuTu more force to protect the peripheral traffic eight departments and eight street yanqing area peripheral traffic security team township, the area transportation bureau is responsible for the unified management and control, completes the periphery lanes for the games, the games are ZhuanYong Road, the games are priority road intersection unattended work, such as strengthening road cleaning and infrastructure equipment maintenance.Establish the mechanism of “early name and late report”, give full play to the scheduling function of wechat group and work console, coordinate the timely, dynamic and accurate feedback of daily information from all points, do a good job in collecting, summarizing, analyzing and reporting, and ensure “clear situation and accurate data”.Since January 22, the traffic security team has dispatched a total of 13,130 people, dispatched 1,377 vehicles, and punished 1,549 violations.At the same time in order to make all kinds of emergencies from the hotel to the stadium transit emergency disposal work, formulate emergency ChuTu work plan “traffic security group, according to the division of tasks, five departments linkage to realize fast QingTuo, rapid transport, fast cure, fight during the disposal of the” broken “situation, to ensure the games are special line road network unimpeded, disposal of accident 5 so far.The winter games in the competition is fierce, yanqing district traffic security group according to the district party committee government games security work deployment, layer upon layer propulsion, implement step by step, in high quality to complete the transportation service for Olympics security work at the same time to carry out the winter paralympic games research capacity on demand, for the winter Olympic Games, winter paralympic games held successfully.