He was a poor Number one scholar in the Qing Dynasty. He wrote eight characters on the exam paper and was selected by the emperor

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Qing, there was a poor child, his name is Luo Chengyang, he was very outstanding youth time wise, as long as he read the book, you’ll never forget, even more difficult texts, he over knew the effect again, that his father was very pleased, he felt that their children will be somebody in the future.So Luo chengyang was sent by his father to Study in Jinjiang College, which was a higher learning institution in Sichuan province and the predecessor of present Sichuan University. Luo Chengyang did very well in Jinjiang College, because he studied hard and his grades were always among the best.In the 19th year of The Reign of Emperor Guangxu, Luo Cheng-hsien took the imperial examinations in 1893 and was admitted to the Imperial Examinations. At the age of 30, he was admitted to the Imperial examinations. Later, he was admitted to the Imperial Examinations as a Jinshi.The city in 1898 AD, Luo Chengyang to attend the exam of top, with tens of thousands of people, who was to take the test to take an examination of gongsheng of long line, is outside the hall in the Forbidden City, because the top marking must be the emperor of the qin, when Luo Chengyang article come before the emperor, he has been ranked eighth place, in fact he had no hope of exceeded otherregions draft at an early date,However, when emperor Guangxu saw the eight characters on Luo chengyang’s paper, the emperor was suddenly moved to tears. With a stroke of the pen, he passed the exam and was selected as the Number one scholar.To sum up, a person’s talent is original, and the subsequent efforts are inseparable, to eat bitter, bitter, to be a person of excellence, can be successful, young do not work hard, old needy.The old man’s saying is very true.Thank you for reading. If you have anything to say about this article, please leave a comment!