Not free 3D glasses?A cinema in Guangzhou has been punished!We visited a number of cinemas

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Today’s news starts with a pair of 3D glasses. Watching 3D movies, buying 3D glasses has almost become a consensus among consumers. A few cinemas will provide 3D glasses for free or rent them for a fee.Today (28 days) the reporter made a random small investigation in the street to consult how many pairs of 3D glasses will be left idle in the neighborhood home?”Sometimes I take them, but sometimes I forget to bring them with me, so I buy four or five pairs.” “I can’t count how many pairs I buy every time I want to see them without remembering to bring them with me.” Searching on online shopping platforms, the reporter found that the prices of 3D glasses range from a few yuan to more than 30 yuan.There is also no uniform pricing for eyeglasses in theaters, and expensive eyeglasses add significantly to consumers’ budgets.Some neighbors think theaters should provide 3D glasses for free, but aren’t sure if they’re breaking the rules by buying and selling them. They’ll have to pay out of their own pocket every time they forget glasses.Is it illegal for cinemas not to provide FREE 3D glasses?According to Yang Yong, deputy director of Jianggao Institute of Guangzhou Baiyun District Market Supervision Administration, they have received such complaints recently.One of our neighbors complained that the cinema was not equipped with 3D glasses for free. We promptly communicated with our district bureau, 12315 Center, consumers’ Committee and Legal Department, and agreed that the cinema’s practice harmed the rights and interests of consumers.Yang, director of the said 3 d glasses is an indispensable basic conditions for the audience to watch a 3 d film when buying a 3 d movie ticket fare is generally higher than that of 2 d movies with 3 d glasses viewing services shall form an integral part of the cinema in any reason to refuse to provide high day by jiang asked cinema returned to make rectification and consumers to buy the cost of the 3 d glasses baiyun district market supervision and administration of the riverYang Yong, deputy director of The High School, said: If you find any problem in your neighborhood (free 3D glasses are not available), you can call 12345 to complain, and we will deal with it seriously.The movie theater explained that it would provide 3D glasses for free before the outbreak, so it chose to sell them because repeated use of glasses after the outbreak may cause the spread of disease. On January 28,The reporter visited the theater and consulted the 3D glasses for the purpose of watching the film. The staff introduced that there are two ways for consumers to choose: free and selling. “If you don’t want to buy it, you can also use it for free, and I can also provide it to you.”A lawyer said that if a cinema fails to notify its customers in advance or to provide viewing glasses, it will be a violation of consumers’ rights.In addition, cinemas restrict consumers to take out snacks, also suspected infringement.What about other theaters that don’t provide glasses for 3D movies except baiyun District?And whether to restrict consumers to take out snacks?On January 28, the reporter randomly visited guangzhou yuexiu, Tianhe, Haizhu and other districts to evaluate nearly 10 cinemas, Keyun Road Store 1, China Film Southern IMAX Cinema.3D glasses are available × 2. Snacks are allowed to take away √ There is also a reminder posted at the gate of the cinema. If 3D glasses are not included in the ticket, you need to bring your own ticket or buy 5 to 10 yuan per pair at the front desk.Offer 3D glasses for rent ×2. Snacks allowed to take away?Art Studios Lumiere Studios Hanson Plaza IMAX Store 1. 3D glasses available for rent x 2.Take – out snacks allowed √ (P.S. : $5 for a pair of 3D glasses) Yonghan Cinema near Beijing Road, Xiyuyi Cinema 1.Offer 3D glasses for rent ×2. Snacks allowed to take away?Receptionists at both theaters said they didn’t offer 3-d glasses for rent, but were more vague about consumers bringing their own snacks.”No, THAT’s all I can say. Keep it to yourself.”CGV Cinema Beijing Road 4DX store 1. 3D glasses rental x 2. Takeaway snacks allowed X Reporter noticed that the front desk of the cinema is filled with a variety of snacks.The ticket seller said that due to the epidemic, they do not provide 3D glasses for rent, consumers need to buy by themselves, and snacks are not allowed to take away, “you can take away.”Bona Oriental Baotai Cinema, Wanda Cinema, Haizhu Wanda Plaza, PRIME Store 1. 3D glasses available for rent √2.√3. Take out snacks √ Both theaters said that they will provide 3D glasses for rent when watching 3D movies, and promised that the glasses provided will be cleaned with special detergent and snacks are allowed.It seems that some theaters do not provide glasses has become the industry rule, and these situations are not considered infringement of consumer rights.Businesses themselves not rectification?Is to wait for market regulation to rectify it?(Own life)