Sichuan Airlines cargo plane has landed safely in Jiangbei Airport after a sudden malfunction and hovered for 8 hours

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Sichuan Airlines cargo flight 3U3839 had a mechanical problem en route from Chongqing to Moscow yesterday afternoon. The crew decided to return to Chongqing and landed safely at Jiangbei International Airport after circling for eight hours to consume fuel.Flight 3U3839 took off from Chongqing jiangbei at 7:43 on March 25 and was scheduled to arrive at Moscow sheremetyevo Airport at 9:30 local time on March 25.After taking off, the plane turned back due to mechanical problems and circled to consume fuel before landing.Flight 3U3839 stayed in the air for 8 hours from takeoff to landing at Jiangbei International Airport at 16:07.Flight 3U3839 circled the city several times before landing, according to Flightradar24.Aviation industry insiders told reporters that aircraft in the takeoff, the need to carry to meet the expected flight of the entire amount of oil and a certain amount of spare oil.By the time the plane reaches its destination as planned, it will have used up almost as much fuel as it would otherwise have, reducing its own weight enough to land.However, if the plane needs to make an unscheduled landing shortly after takeoff, the fuel it carries will not be used up.The weight of the fuselage often exceeds the standard landing weight.In this case, in order to land safely, the aircraft needs to be refueled before landing.If the aircraft is equipped with a refueling device, the refueling of the aircraft in the air shall be carried out under the command of control and in accordance with standard procedures.At present, the vast majority of airports have special areas near the oil.Once there is a need for fuel discharge, the controller will direct the aircraft to avoid the city, airport, forest over and near the ground low altitude, into the special airport area for fuel discharge.However, not all aircraft are equipped with refueling devices, and if they do not have refueling devices, they are generally required to hover over the designated area to consume fuel.Flight 3U3839 did not have a fuel drain device, so it used this hovering fuel consumption method to achieve a safe landing.Chongqing Morning Post · Upstream news reporter Li Jing