Spring go grassroots | people frequently to early spring, farmers are busy farming

2022-05-09 0 By

A year’s plan begins in spring.On February 11, the reporter came to the Chengdu Mumashan agricultural products production and marketing professional cooperative located in The Lanjiagou community, Yixin Street, to see how they are intensive farming in order to ensure the safety of the dining table and food.It is chilly now, but in shuangliu, some big farmers, new farmers have begun to work.Spray low-residue bactericidal solution, loosen soil between ridges in the field, and use a hoe for manual weeding……In chengdu Mumashan Agricultural Products production and marketing professional cooperative “headquarters” in a dozens of acres of seedling breeding experimental field, cooperative member, 65-year-old Chen Zhigen is busy, “I live in Lanjiagou, idle is also idle, so I take the initiative to take care of the experimental field.Labor is not only fitness, but also doing something practical for the cooperative.”Whether spraying pesticides, hoeing or weeding by hand, Chen is skilled in all kinds of tasks.Old Chen told reporters that more than 10 years ago when others were skeptical, he chose to believe, and joined the Chengdu Mumashan agricultural products production and marketing professional cooperative founded by Liao Defu, a well-known rich man in Shuangliu District.”In the past, we had to worry about bad weather and other influences to grow vegetables and buy vegetables alone. We had to pay close attention to market prices and rush around to find sales. We were busy all the year round and our income was only enough to maintain basic living conditions.Since I joined the cooperative, I not only share the benefits of the land, but also work in the base and get my salary.”Chen told reporters that he estimated that he could earn 30,000 to 40,000 yuan more per year after joining the company than he did before.Picking, sorting, cleaning, packing…The vegetable garden was a hive of activity.”We grow all green vegetables, look, the cabbage in the field is so beautiful.”In the vegetable field, cooperative vice president Wang Jiquan with everyone, while busy while told reporters.It is understood that after more than 10 years of development, the cooperative has won the “National model cooperative” “Chengdu leading cooperative” and other honors, planting scale has developed to shuangliu, Chengdu surrounding.”Now the cooperative has more than 130 members, as well as a number of cooperative leading enterprises and agricultural bases.”With the integration of production, supply and marketing, it has greatly enhanced the ability of cooperatives to withstand risks such as natural disasters and market fluctuations.”Wang Jiaquan said, as the table providers, the tip of the tongue to protect people, to continuing to provide customers more secure, more fresh and healthier order ingredients, “we will continue to unite leading members of the cooperative and the rural masses, the comprehensive well-off, rural revitalization of the road more walk more wide, let you eat a healthy, life is more and more happiness.”Thank you for reading. For more local news, please follow “Shuangliu Announcement” on wechat, listen to AIRPORT Radio FM100.9, and download “Shuangliu on cloud” APP