Tall and colorful leggings beauty, break the monotony and stereotype, and temperament

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Tall and colorful leggings beauty, break the monotony and stereotype, and temperament.The collocation of leggings is the favorite single products of fairies, how to match the high and thin leggings is particularly important, the weather is not good today, I think the collocation is more fat than not, so I want to wear leggings high and thin how to match the best?In fact, a while ago, some little sister asked me if I could wear leggings alone, and I think that if I wear leggings alone, it is not good to wear fat and tall, not only did not achieve the effect of high and thin, but also may make you look bad, so we will give up leggings.Generally we wear pants to work are shorts, only trousers look nice, and you is high, long a little waist line is higher, the thigh is not coarse, leg meat meat due to a little less, to show the little sister of thin, waist line to forward a little, thin or a little girl can choose shorts, pants, don’t be too short, to the best around the knee,For those with obvious tummy or thick legs, pants should be longer because your pants are exposed, or with a small sling, the effect will look thinner.If the waist line is short, try not to choose short shorts, must not add a lace horn sleeve, or bow on the top of such as, otherwise it looks like a powder cake put up the same.If you have a short waist but a slight waist, opt for microhorn pants. If you are lighter and slimmer, wear a straight top under the microhorn pants to look great.If you have a small, flat chest, opt for a slimmer top and a pair of waist-cinching wide-leg pants.A little bit darker.Or dark is dark red, dark purple, dark blue, give people a feeling of low-key and composed, and thin legs show thick legs, if the legs are thick in a pair of stilettos or black silk high heels will appear the whole person more slender.A slim but fluffy short top will elongate your waistline and make you look taller and slimmer.Second, leggings with high heels, short boots, short boots usually give a person the impression of girl, fashion is the most fashionable, but because there are a lot of metal decoration boots above, look sharp, so with high heels, there is a feeling of “riding”, give a person the feeling of a strong woman,Compared with ankle boots, the whole wearing of high heels feels better and more ladylike.If you are thin and straight-legged, you will look useless with high heels, there is no transition problem, and you will look slimmer.If you want to wear high heels, choose a pair of stilettos, which will make the legs look very thin and have nice lines.Three, leggings, tie-in knickers of shorts for girls, the color selection is more bold, itself very much above the leg and thigh meat meat, then choose legs and shorts, short words will appear the thigh meat meat above all, if you collocation is tall, thin, it will look better, choose deep color which is thin, very baggy pants, also can cover the meat.Give a person more forthright, do not love artificial, blunt feeling.The legs are long.Take a look below