There have been changes in the positions of civil servants. The “permanent rice bowl” has been changed to “appointment system”, while the stability has been reduced but the salary has become higher

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In the university graduate employment, the reason why we like to take an examination of civil servants, in addition to the heart of the idea of serving the people, but also the administrative establishment of civil servants.After all, most people feel that having an “iron rice bowl” is more stable and happier than having an unstable private enterprise.But what many people don’t know is that civil service jobs are not as secure as people think.As early as 10 years ago, some regions have implemented the “employment” civil service system.And with the development of time, now the implementation of the employment system of civil servants is also gradually promoted.What is the “appointment system” civil service?With the belt that everybody is familiar make up officeholder is different, employ makes officeholder was not made up, this showed it does not calculate accurate meaning on “iron rice bowl”.Not be all officeholder post can become employ to make nevertheless, it is to have to pass superior approval commonly, and belong to professional strong perhaps auxiliary post ability can make as employ to undertake recruit.And although it is employment system, but when recruiting, and the situation of ordinary civil servants is also the same, examinees need to pass written examination, interview, political review and physical examination.But after the final entry, is to sign a working contract for several years, if the contract is not renewed in the future, there will be the risk of unemployment.At the same time, in ordinary work, everything is in accordance with the treatment of civil servants, insurance, welfare will not be less, which is much better than ordinary private enterprises may not even pay social security.In the view of some people, the change in civil service positions is the change of “permanent rice bowl” into “employment system”, which makes jobs seem less secure and popular than before.But in fact, this is not bad for the civil service, because the emergence of employment system is like injecting new blood into the system.Changed the original some departments and personnel, in the work of slack situation.After all, as civil servants on the employment system, if their performance in the job is not good enough, it is easy to not renew the contract.Therefore, under the employment system, the staff will be more enthusiastic and energetic.And as a hired staff, the salary is actually higher than the average civil servant.After all, this is also a kind of equal two-way choice, only to give a certain treatment can attract personnel to register.Maybe ordinary civil servants take 4000 yuan, employment system can take 6000 yuan.So in general, it’s not as stable as it used to be, but it’s not as random as firing people and not renewing them, people are protected by regulations.As long as people do not violate rules at work and keep a serious and responsible attitude at work, they can eventually work for a long time without being unemployed.From this point of view, in fact, this job is also very suitable for college students after graduation, after all, no matter how you count them as civil servants, if admitted to work hard, will not be bad where to go.University student graduate takes an examination of officeholder, should be mentioned before doing these preparations well, no matter be to take establishment or employ system, want to enter an office must undertake corresponding take an examination of public ability is ok.So as a college student we have to prepare in advance, otherwise it is difficult to go ashore smoothly.In record of formal schooling respect, although record of formal schooling is jumped over taller, but officeholder recruit is recorded have each requirement, among them the limitation of major is very clear also.So before examinee enter oneself for an examination, must make clear oneself can enter oneself for an examination what post, otherwise wasted the opportunity that enter oneself for an examination and the time that study.Next, besides study problem, examinee oneself also should make clear oneself suit not suit enter oneself for an examination.Especially in the political issues, to find out whether their immediate family members have committed crimes, which is a big impact on admission.However, as a college student, if it is a fresh graduate, there is a natural advantage in recruiting.Now in the public examination of a considerable number of posts, basic are for this year’s preparation, so it is necessary to seize the opportunity.However, if you are admitted to the civil service or civil service, the time after that is to rely on “strength” to speak, your performance will become the foundation of future development.The author’s message: although the work in the system is good, but students should also choose rationally in the present although they all say that “the end of the universe is the exam editor”, but the work in the system can not be undertaken by anyone.Because being a public servant represents a part of the government, you have to be a good role model not only at work, but also in private.So some personality is more lively, or do not like to be under the jurisdiction of the students, before registering for an examination must think clearly, after all, this is a responsibility, do not wait until the exam just regret.It is also possible to find a suitable position in a private company or start a business if the government has appointed public officials.After all, work is also to maintain a better life and create value for the society, so people naturally have to choose the most suitable type.: How do you evaluate the change and emergence of the appointee civil service system?