What about “wide-legged pants”?This spring, “skinny pants” fire, fashionable look thin, 50, 60 years old more beautiful

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In life, a confident woman is the most beautiful, when a woman has confidence, has a noble quality, will not be afraid of the passage of time.Because they know that time will only make themselves more mature, inner quality will surpass beautiful appearance sooner or later.Confident women dress up to look their most comfortable, no matter what their age or how much they’ve been through.A confident woman will always be energetic, allowing her soul to exude fragrance and impress others.The so-called “skinny pants” simply refers to pants with slim waist and loose legs.The biggest advantage of skinny pants in wearing is to show the leg long and thin legs, it can balance the leg shape for us, so every year is very popular with middle-aged women and welcome, can perfectly make up for the lack of middle-aged women’s leg shape, fully show the advantages of the body.1. Knitwear + “skinny pants” style knitwear is a basic style that will never be out of style every year. It is a good choice for both inside and outside wear.This light green sweater with white thin pants to wear the combination of fresh and bright, the two in the style of consistent, middle-aged women wearing can effectively weaken their sense of age, do not worry about exposing the shortcomings of our figure, beautiful and stylish charm.This beige pink sweater is a relatively slim dress. The material of the sweater is delicate and soft, which is comfortable to wear and can naturally fit the upper body of middle-aged women.The lower part of the body is worn with black skinny pants. The addition of black skinny pants effectively lowers the brightness of the rice pink sweater, adding some mature and stable texture to the middle-aged woman’s dress collocation, which is very in line with the age of middle-aged women, harmonious and generous.2. Coat + “thin pants” style coat should be one of the basic coat styles that middle-aged women often wear every year. It is very inclusive to the figure of middle-aged women, and the loose version can be easily controlled by middle-aged women of almost any size to wear their own beauty.Like this gray coat design is simple, just designed in the middle aged woman’s leg near the length, wearing comfortable thin, even if the middle-aged woman can choose.This light green coat is designed to be relatively loose, and the classic standing collar style has a good modification effect on the neck and face contour of middle-aged women, which makes the face look small.The whole light green coat does not belong to the long coat style, the length is controlled near the thigh of the middle-aged woman, no matter with skinny pants or slim pants are the best choice, will not expose the middle-aged woman’s body defects.The double-sided short coat is very suitable for middle-aged women, it can not only meet the middle-aged women’s pursuit of dress comfort, but also achieve the purpose of figure modification.This white double-faced jacket is simple and dignified in shape, with brown round buttons as decoration on the white body, cleverly adding visual highlights to the whole jacket, quietly elegant and lively.In all thin thin pants design, black thin thin pants is the most versatile practical one, black match color as classic brunet won’t be out of date easily at any time.This light gray double-faced jacket with skinny black pants is not complicated, but the black shoes on the feet just keep the color of the skinny black pants, chic and hard to look at.As a classic outerwear style, knitted outerwear is also suitable for middle-aged women to wear with skinny pants.But middle-aged women need to be combined with their actual figure to make a reasonable choice, suitable for our clothing is the best.This white knit coat, for example, is more suitable for middle-aged women with a slimmer lower body.Next half body matches again thin thin pants to wear, modelling is contracted reduce age, let middle-aged woman beauty cannot see real age.