Central bank releases $4 trillion!Two sessions set the property market, what signal have been released?

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The central bank released 4 trillion yuan of credit. I don’t know if you have noticed that after the freezing period of real estate almost swept the whole country in the second half of last year, many local real estate markets have a little loosening, and the real estate market is constantly positive.From the debt-bearing acquisition of insurance enterprise projects, some related M&A loans will not be included in the “three red lines” related indicators.In addition to this, the central bank and the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission have made it clear that the relevant loans of affordable rental housing projects will also not be included in the real estate loans.And now housing enterprises pre-sale capital supervision will usher in a unified national provisions, the relevant changes of these policies, can point out the direction of the future real estate.According to actual data released by the central bank on February 10, China’s RMB loan quota increased by 3.98 trillion yuan in January, the highest amount in a single month, and the year-on-year increase reached 394.4 billion yuan.This also means that the central bank released 4 trillion credit, for 2022 real estate market played a very good positive role.Where will the $4 trillion be spent?Let’s first talk about the word “4 trillion yuan”, I believe the Chinese people will be familiar with, because in 2008, we implemented a strong economic stimulus plan to release 4 trillion yuan.A lot of things happened in Our country in 2008, not only the Olympic Games, the disaster of snow and ice in south China in the beginning of the year, and the wenchuan earthquake in May.In fact, in 2008, not only our domestic economy was not good, but also bad things happened abroad, so the global economic situation was not good.In such an environment, we proposed a $4 trillion stimulus package to pull the global economy out of the mire.From an economic point of view, this “4 trillion” plan has indeed played a large role;But from the point of view of real estate, a lot of the 4 trillion yuan released at that time flowed into the real estate market, causing the housing price to soar.In 2007 and 2008, Beijing had a short period of time when the real estate was in the trough, but after the investment of 4 trillion yuan, the housing price rose rapidly in all parts of the country. The house price of 11 thousand square feet immediately changed to 15 thousand or 21 thousand square feet, and the rising trend of housing price was particularly obvious.Because of such things, Chinese people will think that the central bank released 4 trillion yuan, will also make the housing price of the real estate market grow rapidly?Although it is said that the release of “4 trillion yuan” this time and 2008, there are big differences between the two.In 2008, 4 trillion yuan was mainly spent on housing, infrastructure and post-disaster reconstruction, boosting the economy and making the real estate industry a golden decade.This time, the 4 trillion yuan credit will be mainly invested in infrastructure construction, advanced manufacturing and inclusive finance.At the same time, under the leadership of relevant regulatory authorities, real estate financing has gradually returned to normal.Although the 4 trillion yuan is not targeted at the real estate industry, overall, the positive effect has not decreased;And now the housing price does not have the conditions to rise, and we have been emphasizing that the house is to live not for speculation, this is enough to explain the reason.That is to say, the 4 trillion won’t flow into the real estate market as much as in 2008, nor will it form a big drain.In fact, many developers have expressed their opinions, many of which say that “the real estate will soon enter the era of black iron”, but the actual situation still needs to follow the official policy.Will the housing market stay depressed?Many friends may wonder whether the real estate market will remain depressed forever.The obvious answer is no.First, the 4 trillion yuan credit includes infrastructure construction, including urban construction, which cannot be separated from real estate.Like some related livelihood projects, the vast majority need to rely on land to achieve capital supplement.Second: now the real estate financing is normal, appropriate adjustment of some policy correction;So still want to keep some confidence in the property market.Third, reasonable housing demand will be fully reflected;For example, just need housing, old housing, etc., these are not only the basis to ensure the development of the real estate market, but also the guarantee of the healthy development of the property market.Property market release what good information?In addition to these, several major events after the opening of the property market has laid a foundation for stability.Compared with the tightening of the property market in 2021, the policy environment at the beginning of 2022 shows signs of easing.China has issued property-related policies nearly 80 times since 2022, according to statistics released by Centaline Research Institute on Tuesday.In January alone, a total of 66 policy adjustments were issued nationwide, up 57 percent from 42 in the same period in 2021.At the same time, these policies are mainly aimed at stabilizing the property market, mainly focusing on housing subsidies, relaxing provident fund policies, urban governance, lowering the down payment, increasing the mortgage limit and other aspects.On Saturday, the 13th session of the national five conference held, the property market will directly set the tone!At the meeting, the latest government report was released on the property market, which is as follows: We will continue to ensure people’s housing demand.Insisted that the house is to live, not to fry, explore a new development mode, insist on hire purchase, speed up the development of long rental market, promoting the construction of affordable housing, better meet the needs of buyers and reasonable supporting commercial housing market demand for housing, land price, stable prices, stable expectations, because of city ShiCe promote the sound development of the real estate cycle and.2, credit environment improvement In addition to the relaxation of regulatory policies, the housing market credit environment has also improved.For real estate development enterprises, on February 8, 2022, the People’s Bank of China and the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission issued the Notice on The Non-inclusion of loans related to Affordable Rental Housing into the Real estate Loan Concentration Management.This will help banking financial institutions to increase credit for low-income rental housing projects, support the construction of China’s housing security system, help promote the establishment of a multi-subject supply, multi-channel guarantee, rental and purchase housing system, and promote the virtuous cycle and healthy development of the real estate industry.According to media reports on February 10, 2022, a national regulation on the supervision and management of funds for pre-sale of commercial housing has been issued, which clearly states that the regulation on the amount of funds for pre-sale is a “key regulation”.The new fund regulation, on the premise of ensure project delivery, improve the flexibility of using commodity house opens to booking a funds and is conducive to protect the legal rights to the buyers and buyers to stable expectations, also is beneficial to get through the recycling of capital, will become the industry fundamentals to improve investors’ confidence and boost the catalyst to promote real estate industry a virtuous cycle.Conclusion: What is the future trend of the property market?According to the above policies, housing prices will not rise or fall in 2022. The main regulation of the property market will be to stabilize the property market and ease policies to support reasonable housing consumption.In many good news, the trend of the property market tends to be stable, especially in the third and fourth tier cities, the price fluctuation is relatively stable, coupled with provident fund, credit interest rate policy and other multiple positive support, I believe that the property market will gradually pick up.Article source: Leju to buy a house quality content recommended Fuzhou to introduce a heavy planning!Fuzhou city circle 1 hour commuting fuzhou companies added (name) “old” fujian fuzhou gulou hongshan town, plant trees “near abroad”, a total of public welfare activities