Domestic three giant collective announcement!The 4680 battery will be mass-produced within the year

2022-05-10 0 By

According to South Korean media reports, Chinese power battery manufacturers such as Nyingde Times, Yiwei Lithium Energy and Bic Battery will start mass production of Tesla 4680 batteries this year.In Japan and South Korea, LG Chem, Panasonic and Samsung SDI have earlier layouts and have already completed prototype development of 4680 batteries.It’s worth noting that during Tesla’s earnings call on January 27, Musk revealed that Tesla is producing Model Y with 4680 batteries at its Austin plant, and that deliveries of the first vehicles with the 4680 structural battery pack are likely to begin by the end of this quarter.Industry insiders believe that the 4680 battery delivery or further drive the nickel lithium plate boom, but also is expected to open incremental space for high nickel growth.In September 2020, Tesla released the 4680 electroless ear battery on Battery Day, which claimed to increase the energy density of single cell by 5 times, increase the vehicle range by 16%, and increase the power by 6 times compared with the electroless ear battery.Driven by Tesla, a number of battery enterprises have entered into the research and development of 4680 cylindrical batteries.In March last year, it was reported that LG Chem’s 4680 cell test line had begun construction and assembly and plating equipment had been installed, with the goal of completing the test run before Panasonic could mass-produce the battery.In August last year, Ningde times reached a cooperation framework agreement with the Shanghai Municipal people’s Government to build a factory in Lingang to produce tesla’s 4680 batteries.In February, Panasonic Chief Financial Officer Hirokazu Umeda said the company was revamping some facilities and expected to start trial production of 4680 electric car batteries at an undisclosed location in Japan early in the fiscal year starting In April.The personage inside course of study says, compared with square battery, battery soft packages, such as cylindrical battery has more monomer parallel redundant reliability, the safety of the thermal runaway don’t pass, charge and discharge in the lateral size of the advantages of stability, and 4680 battery than 2170 batteries, through the structure innovation, in promoting the energy density at the same time, also improved heat resistance, safety,And reduce the direct production cost.Data show that in 2020, the global cylindrical lithium ion battery shipments exceeded 10 billion, a significant increase of 31.3% year on year.At present, automobile enterprises have high recognition of large cylindrical battery, and many domestic battery enterprises have mastered large cylindrical battery technology.Yongdeok Times is speeding up its efforts to develop a large cylindrical battery called “Jin Gu Bang,” while LG Chem is also developing large cylindrical batteries such as 4680 and 4690, hoping to re-enter tesla’s supply chain.In addition, as 4680 mass production process continues to accelerate, related enterprises also step up material layout.In December, Greene Said on the Investor Interactive platform that the company has started research on terpolymer precursors and cathode materials for the 4680 battery, and will disclose relevant progress in a timely manner.Greenme said that ternary batteries are in line with the development trend of new energy vehicles with long life and high performance. We are firmly optimistic about the standard matching of high-nickel ternary batteries to high-end cars in the world.Disclaimer: the above content is reprinted from Battery China and does not represent the position of this platform.National Energy Information Platform Tel: 010-65367702, email:, Address: People’s Daily, No.2 Jintai West Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing