Four tourists are trapped in the blue Hole, a popular adventure site

2022-05-10 0 By

Report from our newspaper (reporter Huang Zhen correspondent Wu Hao) recently, Sanya Coast Police bureau in sanya City, near the sea area of xiaodonghai successfully rescued 4 stranded tourists.At around 19:00 on The day, the Sanya Coast Police bureau received a report from the public that a number of tourists were trapped in the “Blue Hole”, a popular online tourist attraction near Xiaodonghai.As it was getting late and the tide was rising, The Sanya Coast Police immediately activated the emergency plan for maritime rescue when they realized that the stranded people were suffering from hunger, cold and physical exhaustion, and dispatched coast police officers to the accident area to carry out rescue.Because there is no communication signal in the hole, the rescue workers can not immediately contact the trapped tourists, they will drive by rescue law enforcement boats to the “blue hole” near the rear of the sea, through the use of searchlights and propaganda to search for trapped people.After half an hour of searching, an echo came from the cave, leaving the four trapped tourists huddled, exhausted, in the shallows of the cave’s last remaining spot.Due to the low visibility of the sea at night, the cave is full of reefs near the cave, the cave has been largely submerged by the sea, the coast police rescue motor boat can not approach the implementation of rescue.The sea was rising and rescue was urgent.The coast guard rescuers tried to calm the nerves of the stranded tourists by Shouting, while joining forces with the Nearby Tanjia Maritime Rescue Team to transfer the four stranded tourists to a coast guard motorboat by canoe.After examination, the four trapped tourists are healthy.Coastguard officers then transported the rescued tourists to shore.It is understood that the group of tourists, a total of more than 30 people, gathered from the beach during the day, paddled to the “blue hole” using paddles as vehicles to clock in and take photos. When they returned home, due to the lack of boats responsible for transporting people to and from the shore, they had to be transported back in batches. The last four tourists were trapped in the hole due to high tide.Sanya Coast Police bureau reminds tourists: “Sanya paddleboard cave exploration”, “Sanya tail wave surfing” and other activities are hot, many tourists use holidays to come to explore, please ensure that the sea conditions are good, their own safety under the premise of rational play, sea distress timely call 95110.