From tomorrow, cross-boundary lorry drivers will enter Hong Kong with negative nucleic acid tests within 24 hours

2022-05-10 0 By

To properly deal with the recent new crown the epidemic situation of both Hong Kong SAR and guangdong, do a good job in guangdong and Hong Kong cross-border truck driver health management by the guangdong communication consultation, since midnight on February 7, 2022, guangdong and Hong Kong cross-border truck driver nucleic acid detection requirements notice is as follows: a, guangdong and Hong Kong cross-border truck driver with nucleic acid testing negative prove entry within 24 hours, and at the port of entry for nucleic acid samples.2. Nucleic acid test shall be conducted once a day for cross-boundary truck drivers during their stay at accommodation points.Shenzhen COVID – 19 February 6, 2022 epidemic prevention and control headquarters office source release editing | | shenzhen traffic shenzhen Li Manling proofing | | Yang Yujia audit wang zhiming coordinating editor | inflammation Lin reprint please indicate the above information in this article WeChat some pictures from the network, such as infringes your rights, please contact us in time.