Mianxian County Court held the meeting of 2021 work summary and commendation and 2022 work arrangement and deployment

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On the afternoon of February 14, mianxian County Court held the meeting of 2021 annual work summary and commendation and 2022 annual work arrangement.The meeting was presided over by Su Jianpeng, vice president of the Party group, zhou Yifan, member of the Party group of the hospital and the head of the discipline inspection and supervision group appointed by the county Commission for Discipline Inspection, and the whole hospital police attended the meeting. Yan Junfeng, deputy secretary of the Political and legal Committee of the County Party Committee, and Zhang Pan, director of the Legal Working Committee of the county People’s Congress were invited to attend the meeting.At the meeting, Yuan Changchun, vice president and member of the Party Leadership Group, learned to convey general Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions on political and legal work and the spirit of the Central Conference on Political and Legal Work, reviewed the work in 2021, and made arrangements for the work in 2022.Wang Liang, a member of the CPC Leading Group, read out the commendation decision on 2021 Advanced collectives and Individuals, commended the 4 advanced collectives and 20 advanced individuals emerging in 2021, and issued honorary certificates respectively.Advanced collective representative Executive Board and advanced individual representative hot Spring Court director Tang Haoyuan separately made an exchange speech.Advanced collective comprehensive management office, the high people’s court, the executive team education reorganization advanced collective political department of political science and law, annual work advanced individual annual work advanced individual team education rectification advanced individual advanced clerks of political science and law (the left one, two, three), employ advanced (far right) advanced collective speak on behalf of the executive board of the exchange advanced individual hot springs, head of the court Tang Haoyuan speech communicationYan Junfeng, deputy secretary of the Political and Legal Committee of the County Party Committee, and Zhang Pan, director of the Legal Working Committee of the County People’s Congress, congratulated the winners and thanked the court for its efforts to improve the county’s economic development, local stability and social harmony.We hope to continue to strengthen political leadership, consolidate the achievements of learning and education, and forge an absolutely loyal, pure and reliable court team.To take practical actions to meet the party’s 20th national Congress, to provide strong legal protection for the implementation of the county Party Committee’s “11366” strategy.Finally, Wei Jianghua, party secretary and acting president of the County People’s Congress, put forward requirements for the work of 2022: First, to emphasize politics and ensure the correct political direction of the court’s work.To bear in mind the “great country”, around the overall situation of society, serve the overall situation of society, do a good job of filing;Second, speak rules, the blade to pay close attention to the style of construction.We will follow political and legal rules and carefully oversee the four categories of cases.The person in charge of each court should earnestly fulfill the “one post and two responsibilities”, strictly implement the work arrangements of the Central, provincial, municipal and county and the resolutions of the Party group of the court, improve the quality and efficiency of the trial, and realize the responsibility in the heart, bear the responsibility in the body, and practice the responsibility in the action;Third, efficiency, to double into the index as the starting point, and strive to solve the case, things, and.The audit management office should focus on the double indicators, give full play to the early warning role, and pay attention to the timely feedback of index changes.Comprehensive departments to precise policy, targeted treatment.The political department should strengthen personnel promotion research, the office should do a good job in logistics support;Fourth, to learn, improve the overall level of professional quality.Make good use of existing learning tools, learn from others, broaden the thinking of handling cases;Fifth, we will uphold integrity and improve party conduct, integrity and family traditions.We need to fight corruption and build a clean political environment. We need to be honest and self-disciplined, build a strong ideological and moral defense against corruption and degeneration.Author: Qu Lina, Zhao Kun, Wang Chenwei, Zhai Liqiang, Yao Qiming