More and more rich service scenes Intelligent retail lighting “Cloud Life”

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The service scene is more and more rich, and the degree of intelligence is constantly improving. Smart retail lights up “cloud life” (online China). Develop online channels to achieve “24 hours a day”, unmanned delivery vehicles to the door, intelligent self-picking cabinet through the service “the last mile”…With the rapid development of big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and other cutting-edge technologies, the digitalization and intelligentization of the retail industry are accelerating, creating a new interaction with consumers.From manufacturing, sales, logistics to service, a revolution in smart retail is changing people’s way of life.Wang, who lives in Pingshan District, Shenzhen city, Guangdong Province, recently saw an unmanned car printed with the words “Rainbow Supermarket home” on his road.Listen to the neighbor said, this is the nearby Rainbow supermarket equipped with unmanned delivery car, delivery speed is very fast.Mr. Wang was curious and decided to place an order.He opened the mini app on his mobile phone and bought fruits, fish, vegetables and oil on the page.Before long, the unmanned car actually arrived at the gate of Mr. Wang’s residential area.According to the introduction, this unmanned car has a lot of advantages.First of all, “tolerance” large, load up to 500 kg, a single endurance of 120 kilometers, can complete several tons of goods delivery every day;Secondly, it is very intelligent, not only to see the traffic lights, but also automatically identify the obstacles in front and rear, active avoidance or low speed detour;It also serves as an “incubator” to ensure that warm or frozen goods arrive at the temperature they should.Entity retail enterprises store opened for business co., LTD., chairman of Gao Shulin said the retail industry is facing the external environment of superposition of multiple factors, along with information technology revolution and industry applications, especially affected by the epidemic, consumption of new forms, new patterns are emerging, many enterprises by strategically to carry on the transformation and upgrading from the inside out.Rainbow launched the unmanned vehicle delivery service, is hoping to build an intelligent community distribution network.Rainbow supermarket’s attempt is an epitome of the physical retail industry’s continuous exploration of smart retail transformation in recent years.It is reported that smart retail refers to the use of cutting-edge technologies such as the Internet and the Internet of Things to perceive consumption habits, predict consumption trends, guide production and manufacturing, and provide consumers with diversified and personalized products and services.Unmanned supermarket, small program ordering, virtual reality clothing fitting, unmanned vehicle delivery, intelligent supply, etc., all belong to the application scope of smart retail.Industry insiders believe that the smart transformation of the retail industry is divided into two stages.The first stage is for physical retail enterprises to establish online channels, including online shopping malls, mobile apps and small programs, and cooperate with professional platforms to carry out “supermarket to home” business.In the second stage, in addition to establishing new channels such as short videos, many companies are using digital technologies to achieve cost savings and efficiency gains in marketing, commodity operations, supply chain optimization and the establishment of data centers.”By mining and analyzing big data, smart retail can provide consumers with ‘thousands of marketing services’ and feed back the data to procurement, distribution and other links, making production and supply more flexible and efficient.””Said Peng Jianzhen, secretary-general of the China Chain Store and Franchise Association.”Delivery boxes are so convenient now.”Ms. Chen, who lives in Taihe Zhichun community in Changzhou city, Jiangsu Province, usually likes to shop online. Recently, she found that the cloud cabinet service in her community has a new function. It can not only pick up express delivery at any time, but also provide delivery of chilled vegetables and other related services.During the epidemic, new business services such as smart express counters and cloud counters dedicated to contactless delivery have emerged.The cloud cabinet of Ms. Chen residential area is operated by Nanjing Cloud Cabinet Network Technology Co., LTD.These seemingly ordinary cabinets actually contain the universe.Through the application of cloud computing and Internet of Things technology, the cloud cabinet can carry out intelligent identification, temporary storage, monitoring and management of goods stored in the cabinet.To meet new consumer demands such as “home economy” and “cloud life”, the company is also expanding into e-commerce.Residents can purchase vegetables, fruits, seafood, semi-finished food materials and other commodities through the mobile phone mini program. The company team can purchase them quickly and transport them through the whole cold chain. Residents can pick up the goods from the refrigerator in the community or have them delivered to their door by the property manager of the community.”The cloud cabinet of the future will not only be a delivery cabinet, but also a provider of smart retail and life services for the community.”According to Yang Bo, chief marketing officer of Xincheng Yue service and general manager of Cloud Cabinet Company, the company will develop direct purchase, storage and transfer, local information services, distribution services and other businesses, to provide users with more convenient and intelligent life experience.Smart express cabinet, cloud cabinet, community refrigerator…In recent years, with the help of artificial intelligence technologies such as computer vision, big data analysis, robots and voice recognition, consumers can enjoy more and more contactless transaction service scenes and their intelligence level is constantly improving.From a technical point of view, what does retail really rely on to improve the “level of wisdom”?Experts believe that the real implementation of smart retail tests the capacity of infrastructure construction in the Internet field, such as the large-scale popularization of 5G and the large-scale connection of the Internet of Things.It is necessary to continuously improve big data processing capacity, enhance computing power and optimize algorithms to achieve a high degree of matching between people and goods.It also requires the constant popularization of hardware devices and software systems.With the interrelation and integration of people, goods and market information, smart retail will release great value.The National Development and Reform Commission recently issued a notice on Promoting Consumption in the near future, emphasizing further stimulating the new vitality of smart retail.It also proposes measures such as “promoting digital transformation of physical shopping malls, supermarkets and convenience stores and online and offline collaboration”, “encouraging office buildings, residential communities and community business circles to speed up the layout of supporting smart supermarkets, smart stores, smart bookstores and smart pharmacies” and “developing contactless transaction services”.Relevant research shows that at present, more than 70% of traditional retail enterprises in the market cannot support highly digital intelligent operation system due to their own imperfect technology;In addition, nearly 50% of retailers have an annual investment budget of less than 100,000 yuan for smart retail.Peng Jianzhen believes that intelligent transformation is a realistic choice for retail enterprises, but the main problem at present is the lack of relevant digital talents and large capital investment, and a large amount of capital investment every year is a huge burden for enterprises.He suggested that before promoting smart retail business into office buildings, residential communities and community business circles, enterprises should fully investigate the actual needs of consumers in the region, analyze potential consumer groups through accurate data, and consider its development space and business logic from a long-term perspective.Throughout the intelligent transformation of retail industry, whether it is the innovative application of technology, or technological innovation constantly promoting the innovation of retail mode, scene and tool, the core lies in realizing its own business value by constantly meeting the needs of consumers.Experts suggest that enterprises should consider how to develop smart transformation models in accordance with their own characteristics at different stages of development based on their own core capabilities.Practitioners need to change their ideas in time, learn new knowledge, embrace changes, promote business growth through valuable technological innovation and model innovation, and finally achieve transformation and upgrading.Reporter: Peng Xunwen source: People’s Daily Overseas Edition