The gutter became clear, spring breeze river back!Linyi aimed at clear water around the city to carry out comprehensive management

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On February 17, in linyi old spring breeze river transformation site, repair project is still in full swing, the overall construction progress has completed 89%, is now gradually complete to the old spring breeze river landscaping and landscape node construction.”The river was a stinky ditch before it was cleaned up. When it rained, the mud at the bottom of the river was black and smelly.Fortunately, there is no sewage now, so I look forward to the appearance of the Spring Breeze River after it is completely cleaned.””Said Tian Shengchang, a villager in Tianjia village near chunfeng River.Before that, the Chunfeng River was the source of sewage discharged by nearby residents, causing the river to become increasingly black and smelly.As the county people’s livelihood practical and black smelly water governance key projects, spring breeze river governance work from the nearby illegal construction, old pipes, dredging and dredging began.In order not to affect the use and normal life of the nearby residents, the old pipes adopt the original location nearby;Illegal buildings are informed through door-to-door visits and demolished on site.Zhou Wenshuai, director of the old chunfeng River treatment and sewage pipeline project, said: “In the preliminary investigation, it was found that the old underground pipeline was seriously damaged, and there were no original design drawings and records, which brought great difficulties to our site construction.”On the east side of the river, there is no main pipe to intercept, and domestic sewage is discharged directly into the river, affecting the water quality;On the west side of the river, the original concrete main intercepting pipe was seriously damaged by siltation and lost its pollution intercepting function.By the various departments at all levels (difficult, establishing reasonable improvement scheme, design units and construction team in the east of the river across the new 1 the composite plastic pipe material, at the same time, to add two new 6 intercept and 74 observation Wells, equipped with remote monitoring management system, realize the interceptor, rain gauge control, unmanned automatic gate opening and closing, effectively prevent sewage direct drainage channel.On the west side of the river, one composite plastic steel pipe was rebuilt to replace the old damaged pipe.At present, the east-west sewage pipeline has been fully connected, and the urban sewage is discharged directly to the sewage treatment plant through the new pipeline, which can prevent the pollution of the river by black and smelly water, and effectively improve the ecological environment of the urban area.In order to realize the beautiful vision of clear water around the city, Linyi County has carried out comprehensive management of the old Chunfeng River since 2021.According to the idea of “road at foot, reproduce spring breeze”, the unified hardening lining of the river, leveling and strengthening of the dike;The 2,700-meter-long river will be transformed and upgraded to build a “slow walking system, green system, sewage interception system and reclaimed water system” along the river, so as to realize an urban green ecological network integrating landscape ecology and culture and leisure, and create an urban water-friendly ecological leisure space with “clean water, green banks, smooth rivers and beautiful scenery”.Guo Yongqiang, director of linyi Water Conservancy Bureau, said: “The rubber dam, the construction of the lixing bridge, the remote monitoring and management system, the dredge removal of the river, the lining of slope protection and guardrail on both sides of the river have all been completed, and the rest of the greening and lighting projects are expected to be completed by May.””When water is dirty, it will leave dirt and absorb dirt; when water is clear, it will flow gold and silver.Linyi county will keep the bottom line of ecological livable, out of the road of harmony between people and water, to ensure a sunny day, a pool of clear water, linyi county into a beautiful home, living resources, rich people’s ecological livable city.”Linyi county party secretary Zhang Qi said.(Dazhong Newspaper · Dazhong Daily client reporter Zhang Haifeng correspondent Zhu Xuesong report)