Biden did not expect that the world will re-share the “cake” : Russia’s foreign minister to visit China, China, Russia and Pakistan may join forces

2022-05-11 0 By

It is reported that The Russian Foreign Minister will pay a visit to China at the end of this month and then attend the foreign Ministers’ meeting of Afghanistan’s neighboring countries.China hopes to coordinate regional forces to help Afghanistan achieve development. To this end, China has prepared this meeting of foreign Ministers of Afghanistan’s neighboring countries, which also shows that China and Russia are highly likely to conduct more cooperation in Afghanistan in the future.Pakistan is also likely to join the conference.These signals suggest that America’s influence in Afghanistan is beginning to shrink, and that America should be wringing its hands by now.There are two reasons why the U.S. is particularly concerned about the Russian foreign Minister’s visit to China. First, there are concerns about China’s attitude toward Russia and Ukraine. And most importantly, there are concerns about the situation in Afghanistan, which is of great concern to the Biden administration.The US has been trying to force China to take a stand on the Issue of Russia and Ukraine, so now the US side is particularly worried that China and Russia will start to cooperate closely, and once Russia and China join forces, it will be a “kill game” for the US to work on NATO.The United States will be overwhelmed by the combination of China and Russia, and there will be some headaches, so the United States is firmly opposed to The cooperation between China and Russia, but there is no alternative.The move comes after the US put more than 20 Chinese, Pakistani and Russian companies and entities on its “entity list” or “military end-user list” in an effort to crack down on and curb China’s high-tech development.Moreover, at the very beginning of the global pandemic, the US government and media rushed to hype the COVID-19 virus as “Wuhan virus” and “Chinese virus” without any evidence, stigmatizing China.After the russia-Ukraine conflict, the Russian military found a lot of information about the U.S. biological laboratory in Ukraine, including the UP-4 program and the r-781 program, which uses migratory birds to transmit avian viruses and bats to transmit human disease-causing pathogens.The news of the Coronavirus shocked the world. From the beginning to the end, the Novel Coronavirus was avirus pandemic planned by the US government. The so-called virus talk by the US was just a thief crying “stop thief”, and the world saw clearly the true face of the US.In contrast, it can be seen from the operation of the United States that it regards China and Russia as threats to its hegemonism. In order to maintain its current hegemony, the United States has been trying to suppress China and Russia.However, what the US did not expect was that it was precisely because of the US oppression that China and Russia became more united and created a closer cooperative partnership. Therefore, it is hoped that the US would stop being unconvinced and all countries could achieve win-win results only through joint cooperation.Reference source for some information: Observation room 7