Grassroots party members tomb-sweeping day memorial revolutionary martyrs ceaseless red blood

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The scene of qingming Festival memorial activities.Chongqing, April 3 (Hu Hong) Qingming Festival is coming, in Chongqing, grassroots party members came to “three.At the tomb of martyrs of the March 1st Massacre, party Day activities will be held with the theme of sweeping martyrs’ stele to remember revolutionary martyrs and perpetuate red blood.On the same day, conservation and utilization from zhongjian eight innings big tianwan stadium project party branch, the communist party of China chongqing city construction investment (group) co., LTD. Authorities two branch and the communist party of China chongqing landscaping construction investment (group) co., LTD. (urban update company) the committee’s more than 20 member representatives came to the tomb, a martyr laid a basket of flowers and flowers, and revisit the oath to the party.”Tomb-sweeping Day arrived, we organized party members to visit the tomb of 331 martyrs, through the memory of the revolutionary martyrs listen to the story of the revolution, so that we deeply feel the revolutionary martyrs firm ideals and beliefs, warm revolutionary feelings and noble patriotic sentiment.”China Construction eight bureau southwest Chongqing branch party minister Han Yunfei said.On the same day, party members also visited the Revolutionary martyrs Memorial Hall in Gangbei District and learned about the moving deeds of martyrs who fought bravely for national independence and prosperity of the motherland.Han Yunfei said that the next, in the work will continue to inherit and carry forward the revolutionary spirit, in the study and education of party history to draw forward strength, encourage the majority of party members and cadres, constantly enhance the party spirit consciousness, inherit the red gene, with a stronger sense of political responsibility and a sense of historical mission, promote the high-quality development of the enterprise.