Hequ County held the mobilization and deployment of action with the theme of “Emancipating the mind and Doing Solid Work” and the 2021 annual work summary and commendation conference

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Hequ News (Li Chunmei, Xie Yucun, Zhang Shiwei) On February 9, The mobilization and deployment of Hequ County’s “Emancipate the Mind and Do Solid Work” theme and 2021 annual work summary and commendation conference was held at the main venue of yupark Theater on the second floor.Meeting comprehensively implement the CPC municipal committee and municipal government “emancipating the mind, work diligently” theme action to mobilize the deployment conference spirit, combining the reality of meander, action each work arrangement deployment county theme, and the advanced township “, “advanced unit in 2021 and recognition of outstanding cadres, to mobilize the county cadres and the masses to emancipate the mind, firm confidence, work diligently, racing,We will spare no effort to bring all our work to a new level.Shi Guangyuan, secretary of the county Party Committee, attended the meeting and made an important speech. Xu Xiaolan, deputy secretary of the county Party Committee and head of the county, presided over the meeting.Vice secretary of the county Zhao Yutong, Li Zhifu county peoples congress standing committee director, chairman of cppcc.in sammi, the county party committee standing committee Aaron gao jun, zhang zhifeng, FuJianHua, Fan Yonglin, zhen-hai zhao, he and Ding Guoyan county four team leaders, participate in two sessions of NPC and CPPCC member and attend staff, as well as all the units on behalf of a total of more than 450 people attend the meeting and good cadres.Shi Light source pointed out at the meeting, the county at all levels of departments and units to fully recognize the significance of carrying out the “emancipate the mind, work hard” theme action, the development of this action as the current and future period of an important political task, adhere to take as a guide, stimulate the secretary entrepreneurial vitality.County party committee, county government held this commendation conference, aims to further promote the party members and cadres ideological style of depth change, condenses the county’s reform consensus, innovation consensus, work hard consensus, the formation of than the boundary, than the contribution, than the style of work, passion officer, accurate officer, pioneering officer of the strong atmosphere.The majority of party members and cadres of the county should thoroughly implement the new development concept in the theme activities, go all out to grasp the project, improve the quality and efficiency of the industry, spare no effort to benefit the people, strengthen the foundation to grasp the implementation, effectively improve the urban and rural outlook, enhance the mass happiness index, strengthen the party’s construction in an all-round way, so that the cause of the ground effect.Shi guangyuan stressed that Hequ County is in the key period of high-quality development, we must “work hard” as the first requirement, with the spirit of “stick to the end”, promote the work to go deep and solid, breakthrough.In the economic operation to achieve a “good start”, “red month”, “red year”;In the construction of the project to strengthen the operation and scheduling, highlighting the “two links and one guarantee”.The leaders of the contracting association should focus on the real contracting and the real contracting, and work hard to accelerate the implementation, start, construction and production of the project.In attracting investment, we should form the pattern of attracting investment by all people and attracting investment by all staff.On rural revitalization, we need to implement the policy of “having no worries, having no worries, and having three social security guarantees,” further promote the development of “one township and one industry,” speed up the building of beautiful villages in Tangjiahui, Bailuquan, Luopuanbao and Niangniantan villages, and develop and strengthen the collective economy in these villages, aiming to double their income this year from last year.We will make breakthroughs in ecological protection and high-quality development in the Yellow River Basin, carry out ecological restoration and water and soil conservation projects, strictly implement environmental monitoring measures, and keep the bottom line for ecological conservation and the red line for cultivated land.Actively promote the cooperation with Tsinghua University, China Consulting Company, fully apply for national and provincial special fund support, build the province’s “Yellow River Basin ecological protection and high-quality development of important experimental area” demonstration area;In the well-being of the people’s livelihood, constantly accelerate the promotion of urban construction, transportation projects, pay attention to the pension restaurant, funeral home and other people’s livelihood, firmly adhere to the epidemic prevention and control, production safety, ecological protection, petition stability, ideology five bottom line, create a good environment for the high-quality development of the county.Stone light source requirements, the county party cadres to adhere to the emancipation of the mind as the guide, comprehensive change of work style.In strict accordance with the requirements of the city’s thematic action deployment of “Emancipating the Mind and Doing Solid Work”, the “six evils” and the “six trends” should be broken and the “four links” and “twelve tasks” should be fully realized. The quality of work should be improved and breakthroughs in development should be led by thinking and style change.The county the masses of party members and cadres, especially various departments at all levels each unit head to quickly enter the work state, further emancipate the mind, renew the idea, strive to break old mindset, break through the development obstacle, with higher political stance, bear greater responsibility, more solid work, work diligently, hard to forge ahead, promote a meander high quality development.Xu Xiaolan in the chair of the meeting pointed out that the organization to carry out a good “emancipate the mind,” the theme of action, is the current county at all levels of the Party Committee (Party group) a political task, is a comprehensive inspection of the majority of party members and cadres, we should conscientiously learn to understand the spirit of the meeting, through grasp the implementation of the “last kilometer”,Promote the county’s economic and social development and work constantly create a new situation, show a new atmosphere;The broad masses of cadres and workers should take the advanced units and outstanding cadres commended by this conference as an example, take the initiative to keep up with them, and strive to learn from them in their work, showing the excellent qualities of “active responsibility, innovation, devotion to work, and diligent efforts”;At the same time, we should learn from each other’s strengths, constantly find out the shortcomings and deficiencies in our own work, and make rapid improvement. We should enhance our ability and level through strengthening study, working practice and reflection and summary, truly realize self-perfection and self-innovation, and make due contributions to all-round promotion of high-quality transformation and development.We should focus on the implementation of targets.According to the detailed deployment of the fifth plenary session of the fifteenth session of the county party committee and the spirit of the two sessions being held, conscientiously comb the tasks of the work, clear work objectives, detailed decomposition, responsibility to people, common overcome difficulties, promote the work, with excellent results to meet the party’s twenty victory held!At the meeting, Zhao yutong read out the implementation plan of hequ County’s thematic action of “Emancipating the mind and doing Solid work”.Fan yonglin gave a detailed explanation of the assessment and read out the decision of the county party Committee and the county government to commend advanced units and outstanding cadres.County leaders awarded prizes to 10 units and 30 outstanding cadres.Hequ County held the mobilization and deployment of the theme action of “Emancipating the Mind, Doing Solid Work” and the 2021 work summary and commendation Conference.