Hunan railway departments against ice and snow trains have started without delay

2022-05-11 0 By

The China youth client (Xie Xiangyan MoJiangBo shi lei, the popular newspaper supplement QingWang reporter HongKeFei) recently, the heavy snowfall in hunan around, in order to ensure the smooth operation of the passenger train during the rain and snow, hunan railway district units for snow, rapidly start the emergency work plans, organize emergency personnel on 27 January 18 premise before your arrival, to carry out the snow and ice.Railway transport in Hunan is normal and trains have been running without delay.Yiyang railway station workers are laying straw MATS to prevent skid.(Zeng Linghong perturbation) of 52 in northwestern hunan zhangjiajie train operation depot on the tube station respectively set up leading group for snow, sending area leading, package stand cadre of deicing snow station supplies inventory, diesel burner, shovel the snow shovel, bamboo broom and shovel all steel to break the ice and snow melt agent 12 kind of deicing snow tools material already all into the library.Loudi train operation depot quickly established deicing commandos, the station channel and the platform, exit and other key place for continuous cleaning, ready to enough salt, MATS, sacks, snowmelt, prevent slippery, prevent passengers fell down, and the station lighting, heating, hot water, reveal the bulletin board and other daily equipment facilities to conduct a comprehensive renovation.Zhang Jihuai high-speed railway Phoenix ancient City station organized 28 snow clearing personnel, stationed in the station for timely snow removal, to prevent passengers from falling due to rain and snow road slide.Changsha car service section of Laodaohe station to organize workers online to clean the line and bus transport road key turnout snow, ice.51 deicing and snow clearing commandos have been set up in Changsha North, Laodaohe, Yiyang and other stations within the changsha vehicle service section. More than 400 workers have gone online to clear snow on lines, daub antifreeze oil on switches, and check driving equipment and facilities to eliminate potential safety hazards in time and ensure that driving equipment is in good condition.Changsha high-speed founded Labour wu paragraph 6 deicing snow emergency teams and the youth team, snow during the car, every 2 hours for a snow depth of observation, the bridge workshop to solve the problem of rain and snow, organize work area personnel to add by check, focusing on security facilities, tunnel import and export, trackside equipment, dangerous latent bamboo tree, outside the road construction by check.Source: China Youth Daily client