Why did he commit suicide? It was because depression was “tormenting” him.

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A depressed patient who turned pale after taking more than 60 pills in a subway station in Nanjing is out of danger after having his stomach pumped.In today’s society, the incidence of depression is increasing year by year, because people have insufficient cognition of the disease, think that depressed patients are “hypocritical”, resulting in depression patients are not understood and tolerated by the public.Depression is a psychological illness, they don’t feel happy, they think everyone doesn’t like them, they live in emotional haze, they need to be loved.On October 10, 2020, the World Mental Health Day, Baidu, together with CCTV news and a number of magazines and media, launched a public welfare activity with the theme of “Don’t be afraid of me” to care for mental health and breathe the public to care for depression.The cause of depression is more complex than we think. Patients are not “too hard”, “weak psychological tolerance”, “small heart”, they have been in the “dark” for a long time.Some patients in interpersonal communication like a fish in water, even by family and friends considered optimistic humor, but when they are alone, often feel pain, low, life is worse than death, no interest in anything, also lost enthusiasm, lost the “ability” to be happy.Depression was thought to be “demonic possession” in ancient times, requiring cruel and savage exorcisms.In October, a depressed man was turned away from a flight after telling airline staff about his condition when he developed hand tremblings.Now science is progressing, people’s minds are gradually open, please do not wear colored glasses to look at depression.”The Tragedy of the Gifted Child” is a true and profound reflection of the relationship between psychological trauma and depression in early childhood. Parents completely disregard their children’s rights and wishes in the process of getting along with their children, forming hidden trauma.In today’s society, most people live under the gaze and expectation of others and suppress their true feelings and thoughts. When self-defects are exposed, depression may be induced.In addition to stressful life events, pessimistic personality traits and family trauma, a large number of studies have shown that depression is also related to genetic, neurobiochemical, psychosocial and other factors.Many stars and celebrities commit suicide because of depression. They are bright on the surface, but finally can’t stand the torture of depression and choose to commit suicide.Severe depression patients will have negative suicidal ideas, this stubborn suicidal ideas will repeatedly appear, they will choose the most extreme way, with life in exchange for the opportunity to get rid of depression.The country is caring for them, why can’t we at present society is not friendly to people with mental illness, even widespread discrimination.Outside eyes make patients feel ashamed and resist treatment, which worsens their condition.Depression is not shameful, communicate more with relatives and friends, do not put all the pressure and negative emotions are absorbed by themselves, family and friends should also encourage patients to seek medical treatment.Due to individual differences, professional targeted treatment, such as psychological therapy, drug therapy, physical therapy, music therapy, etc.Some patients will secretly stop taking medication due to shame. Family members should educate patients and seek professional help if necessary.In 2012, the Mental Health Law was passed;In 2016, depression and other common mental illnesses were included in relevant policy documents.The national system for mental illness has been developing, medical resources are gradually covered, and the treatment environment for patients with depression is getting better and better.We should also abandon prejudice and care for depressed patients around us.Expert introduction: Xu Qingrui Zaozhuang Municipal Hospital tumor treatment department deputy chief physician national psychological consultant