Huai ‘an First People’s Hospital gives patients’ red envelopes’

2022-05-12 0 By

Yangzi Evening News network On January 28 (correspondent Su Ting reporter Zhu Dingzhao) at the end of the year deep affection, warm, in the Spring Festival is approaching, huai ‘an first people’s hospital treatment room a “warm”!On the afternoon of 27th, nurses in the treatment room of huai ‘an First People’s Hospital held a gift bag activity with red gift box in hand. They sent a New Year gift bag to patients in the treatment room who received transfusion. Each gift bag put some Spring Festival couplets, fu and red masks to bring New Year’s blessings to each patient.At the same time in the gift bag also intimate prepared “red envelope”, “red envelope” containing some epidemic prevention and control related knowledge, as well as on influenza prevention, aerosol precautions and other closely related warm tips.We also prepared tiger dolls for children, which were well received by parents and patients.Mr. Chen, a patient, said, “I am satisfied with the current service of the treatment room. I feel very warm to receive such a gift in the New Year.”Proofreading Xu Hang