Many people applauded the Beijing Winter Olympics

2022-05-12 0 By

Beijing, February 10, the news according to the Voice of China’s China Media Group “news and newspaper summary” reported that in recent days, many countries in the sports community, athletes positively evaluated the Beijing Winter Olympic Games facilities and event organization work, cheering for the Winter Olympic Games.’Both the opening ceremony and the Olympic venues deserve praise,’ said Tourism and Sports Minister Phipapa, shortly after returning from the Opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Beijing.Pippa: The Opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics was spectacular, with lots of high-tech elements and environmental protection.The organizers carefully prepared for us scarves, hats and other warm supplies, the service is particularly intimate, let us feel warm.I also visited the athletes’ training ground, which has its own passageway from their residence to the training ground.I think this Winter Olympics has done a perfect job in the prevention and control of the epidemic and set a good example for other countries to host international events.Several foreign athletes who participated in the Beijing Winter Olympics also spoke highly of the venues and event organization.Alexander AZGALIEv, KAZAKh SHORT track speed skater: The ice is very good, very fast and very well maintained.I hope to do well in the Winter Olympics.Russia’s TASS news agency reported the feelings of Russian biathlon athlete Lujinov.”The organizers are fantastic, they did their best to create a festive atmosphere during the pandemic,” Loginov said.It feels so good!”