Sichuan Gulin play lanterns to celebrate the New Year rap auspicious blessing peace | “Tiger tiger seal” for the New Year

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On the first day of the New Year, Yao Zhanjie arrived at Xihua Village, Yongle Town, Gulin County, Luzhou, Sichuan province, where a local lantern team was about to start its annual performance. As a representative inheritor of the Intangible cultural heritage of Sichuan Province, Yao zhanjie came to perform with the team.It is hoped that the singing style and movements of the lantern team will be standardized and some new elements will be added during the performance.When it comes to gulin lantern, unfamiliar people may think it is just a simple lamp, but it is not.The original meaning of “huadeng” is the arrangement of lanterns, colorful lanterns and lanterns. It originally refers to the traditional folk arts and crafts hung to express happiness during festivals. Later, it developed into a performance form with lanterns as the main props, which is similar to opera.Is a collection of religion, folk customs, song and dance, acrobatics, paper binding art as one of the phenomenon of folk culture and folk performance art.On February 2, the cover news reporter followed yao Zhankai’s lantern procession in Xihua Village to see a more traditional form of lantern performance.The eight-member team has three Musical Instruments, including a small drum, a cymbals and a gong, as well as props such as fans and embroidery.The characters are Tang Er, yao sister and the old man who interrupts, and the rest are drum musicians.During the performance, Tang er and his younger sister performed the movements, while the rest played music and occasionally assisted in the singing.Sing content is mainly happy New Year, say spring news and so on.Guzhai, a mountain village of Gulin, has always had the tradition of “playing lanterns to celebrate the New Year”. There was no script at first, and the plot and lyrics were mostly improvised by the performers.Later, it gradually developed into the “folding zi” handwritten copy of the ancient lantern lyrics, the basic plot and movements of the lanterns, and the lantern melody was basically passed on by folk artists through word of mouth.Gulin Lantern has not only lantern singing and dancing performance, but also drama flavor of story line performance. It has the humorous, humorous, simple and rough performance style of “laughing, yanking, singing and dancing”, which is commonly known as “twisting lantern”.Lanterns to the countryside Every year from the second to the 18th day of the first month, the village street lamp shed, village performance.Form as the main primarily against wealth door light, said began to spring, good performance, rap auspicious, bless peace resigned after god, staffs in the eaves, the music played, tang 2, while the youngest sister, interrupt the elders, and so on role warrants to scouring the performances, mostly folk dance and sketch, the youngest sister mutually close, four son dozen straw sandals, liu ran qiu selling line, etc.In December 2014, the LAN Lantern was listed in the fourth batch of representative projects of national Intangible Cultural Heritage. With the combination of original ecological performances and innovative stage forms, it toured sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou and Chongqing and appeared on Sichuan TV and CCTV successively.In the past two years, many new elements have been added, such as epidemic prevention and forest fire prevention.Yao zhankai said that because the lanterns are more popular among rural people, the past two years have also gradually started to add new scripts, including some propaganda content.However, the inheritance of lanterns is still the most important issue for non-hereditary inheritors.According to Cheng Lin, chairman of Gulin Baolin Lantern Culture media Co., LTD., gulin lanterns are currently facing bottlenecks such as small scale, shortage of funds and insufficient talents.”Yao zhankai’s lantern parade has several young people, but they only participate during the Spring Festival, and then they leave the parade to work.”Cheng Lin said that the current lantern team is older and less educated, making it difficult to find the right people.For this reason, Yao Zhankai and Cheng Lin and others have also done a lot of effort, yao Zhankai went to Shibao Town, Yongle Town during the Spring Festival in the past two years, hoping to integrate the lantern team around the country.At the same time, various primary schools in Gulin held lanterns into the campus activities, hoping to attract young people to participate.Cheng wrote his own new lantern script, incorporating poverty alleviation and rural revitalization.At present, Yao Zhankai and Cheng Lin are building a Gulin lantern school and adding lantern elements to the three agricultural products.”I hope the three agricultural products can feed the Gulin lantern, so that there will be enough funds to promote the lantern.”Forest.