Which group does the Regent belong to

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The Regent hotel brand, the world’s first top hotel brand based in Asia, has business hotels, resorts and luxury residences.Regent has created many industry firsts, including planning five-piece bathroom fixtures within hotel rooms, creating all-resort villa hotels, and launching hotel properties that combine luxury residences and top shopping malls.In a luxury hotel market dominated by most European and American brands, the Regent made its name as Asia’s first leading brand with flagship hotels such as The Regent Hong Kong and The Beverly Hills Regent, and continues to win awards across a wide range of industries.It owns regent Hong Kong, Regent Beverly, Regent Beijing, Regent Berlin, Regent Montenegro Harbor, Regent Singapore, Regent Chongqing and so on.So which group does the Regent belong to?The Regent is owned by intercontinental Hotels Group.On March 14, 2018, IHG announced that it has acquired a 51% stake in Regent Hotels and Resorts.Meanwhile, IHG has the right to acquire the remaining 49 percent of the shares in installments after 2026.Intercontinental Hotels Group, is a global hotel group.It operates more than 4,000 hotels and 600,000 rooms in more than 100 countries and regions around the world.Founded in 1777, it is the largest and most widely networked professional hotel management group in the world.With more than 60 years of international hotel management experience, it owns several international famous hotel brands such as Intercontinental, Crowne Plaza and Holiday Inn.Ihg is also the world’s largest hotel group by number of rooms.It operates in nearly 100 countries and is the largest group to take over hotels in China.Intercontinental Hotels Group’s “Continental Road Service” is an exclusive service for every Chinese guest who comes from afar.It provides guests with thoughtful ideas for foreign travel from language communication, hotel facilities, dining and entertainment.There are eight services that are always at the guest’s side and provide the best service for the guest. These services include Chinese service;Unionpay card;Hotel and surrounding Chinese guidance service;Free network for members;Special Chinese channel;Convenience daily articles;Mellow Chinese tea;Chinese breakfast selection.Its unique cultural characteristics and its position in the top hotel market make the group’s hotel brands increasingly diversified.