Does anyone have a problem with me calling this the Chongqing version of Zootopia?

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The largest indoor animal theme park in China is in Chongqing’s Jiangbei City.I have been to the zoo before, and I feel that X.zoo is really worth a visit, especially for those who have children.Meerkat was attracted to the cute little creatures as soon as he entered the house.The Kalahari Desert is home to hundreds of pet species, from swimming in the sea to running on land to flying in the sky.I have to say, I learned a lot here.Sukada tortoise four-eyed blister red lion head Anglo mink Patagonian guinea pig uh…Is that a sloth, if I remember correctly?You don’t have to travel to Australia to see a white kangaroo for the first time.Really rare, hey hey!!Seeing a mandarin duck up close for the first time in my life, I realized how different it looked.In addition, there are water sloths, red pandas, sharks, starfish, turtles and many other rare animals, I feel more species than I have seen in the zoo.I really like this fantastic jellyfish house, a jellyfish swimming in the meantime, casually captured shots are beautiful to suffocate.Here, children can feed parrots, rabbits, etc., can also watch sea lion performances, various play areas can be fun for most of the day.· Traffic route: Light rail Line 6, “Jiangbei City” No.3 Exit · Tour time: 2-4 hours