Hire 60680 people!The 2022 provincial examination notice summary, high salary personnel still need to take the civil service?

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Thirteen participating provinces, including Yunnan, Chongqing, Hubei and Hunan, have announced the announcement of the 2022 provincial exam, and the written exam will be held from March 26 to 27. Announcements from other participating provinces will also be released soon.The written examination of the 2022 provincial joint examination will be held on March 26-27, with announcements of provincial examinations being released in many provinces. The sichuan provincial examination is expected to be released next Monday and Tuesday, leaving less than two months to prepare for the examination.For the civil service profession, there are many prejudices, there are a lot of obsession.Many university graduates, from the beginning of entering the university, do not learn professional knowledge, and began to learn knowledge such as line test and explanation, prepare for the examination of civil servants, resulting in the lack of professional knowledge, unable to make achievements in the relevant industry.After graduation, some people continue to prepare for the civil service examination, do not participate in any enterprise recruitment, do not look for a job, one year, two years, and so on.Many people even do not participate in the recruitment of public institutions, bent only on civil servants.But ah, we know, a society of civil servants simply can not use so many people, each province civil servant recruitment is only a few thousand people.Recruitment of thousands of people, at least hundreds of thousands of people to take the exam, the competition is so fierce.Civil servant exam, not only see your knowledge how, more important is the luck of choosing a post and luck and other things that cannot be controlled by manpower.Are civil servants well paid?Judging by public figures and circumstances around them, civil servants are middle class at best.In nine cases out of ten, it is impossible to become very rich.Even if did a leader, on the surface income also is more than 1000 or so.Civil servants’ salaries depend on local finances and annual bonuses, and many are so tight that they have not been paid for years, making life difficult for civil servants.Someone has long said that if you want to make a fortune, go into business, not civil servants.Civil servants serve the people and should be indifferent to fame and wealth.In recent years, there has been a great popularity of the exam. Many Internet programmers with an annual salary of hundreds of thousands of yuan and the management of some famous enterprises spare no effort to take the exam.In order to take the exam, many people do not do their business well during working time. They often read useless books such as travel test and discussion during working time.The result is, the officeholder does not take an examination of, oneself professional ability also does not carry from beginning to end go up, same benefit did not get.Personally, any work is to survive, in order to make money.If oneself already in a development prospect relative return unit, if already can have good salary, so completely can not participate in civil servant exam.For fresh graduates, graduation year can be a time to concentrate on preparing for exams. After all, this is the time of choosing a career.After a year, if you don’t pass the exam, you’d better find a job first.Adults should rely on their own strength to support themselves, especially for poor family conditions, must work early.