Recommend some movies to watch during Spring Festival

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I have watched the Spring Festival Gala for many years.My personal understanding is that in the 1980s and 1990s, there were few entertainment activities and no Internet, so the Spring Festival Gala met the needs of the public for entertainment and cultural life.Like watching the Spring Festival Gala, like the 6070s, watching a movie many times is the same.For example, my parents, Tunnel Warfare, Mine warfare, Plain Warfare, Little Soldier Zhang Ga, The Red Light, the White-haired Girl, the Red Detachment of Women, and other old movies may have seen more than ten times, but they can recite their lines.Actors on screen know what’s coming before they’ve even said it.Practice makes perfect.Why watch it so many times?There was nothing else to see, the lack of cultural life, the dullness of entertainment, only a few model operas.There’s no TV.When I was young, the film team would go to every village to show a film, and the young people would follow the film team. If a film was shown in the open air, it would not be boring to watch it for many times.Many years do not watch the Gala, because there are more options.Such as reading, surfing the Internet, watching movies.Recommend some movies to watch during Spring Festival.In reverse order, as I’ve seen these days, in no particular order.The first one, The Seagull Canteen, knew this movie.I have read a book named Movie Canteen by Nai Iijima, and I just know that there is a profession called “food stylist” in Japan, which is to make shapes for the food appearing in film and television works.Nami Iijima is a chef and has made food for Japanese dramas and films such as Late Night Canteen, Seagull Canteen, Tokyo Tower, Antarctic Chef and Glasses.Read “movie dining hall” this food book, was planted grass, today just see “seagull dining hall” this film.The Seagull Canteen was taken in Finland.Finland is the closest European country to Japan and is only ten hours away by plane.Satomi Kobayashi plays Yukiki, who runs a solo Japanese restaurant in Helsinki called Gull Canteen.A month after opening without a single customer, three elderly Finnish women often peered at her from the window and stepped aside every time she said hello.From the first customer obsessed with Japanese culture, a handsome boy, to the later full;From a one-man shop to two Japanese women;From a middle-aged man who worked there and couldn’t forget the old coffee machine, to a middle-aged woman who got drunk when her man left home.Around the seagull canteen, there is no special story, but that kind of faint friendship, faint breath of life, very charming.There are two feelings when watching this movie: first, living in a place with a high value of passport is a happy thing.Xing Hui asks green why she went to Finland. She says, “Finger”, opens the world map, closes her eyes and points to where she went.While Masako watched the news on TV and was fascinated by the air guitar competition.Why do people in Finland seem so calm and peaceful?Is the son asked.The Finnish boy who is infatuated with Japanese culture gave the answer: forest, because of forest.Masako immediately went to the forest to gather mushrooms.When I saw “The Seagull Canteen”, I thought of Su Min, who left home and drove around the country alone in her 50s.This movie, very Japanese, very light.Although it is not clear what kind of past green and Masako have, they seem to have found their own lives in Finland.You can also see it as a chick flick.When green asks Her why she opened a restaurant in Finland, She says, I just don t do what I don t like.Xing Hui asks Green, “If tomorrow were the end of the world, what would you want to do?”Small green scratching head, seriously think about, and then say, eat a lot of delicious.That’s life.The second film, a Rainy Day in New York, didn’t score very high in DB, but it was directed by Woody Allen, so it was worth watching.The main name is Gatsby, after the Great Gatsby.He and ASHLEY were a couple, went to college together.One weekend, the two were supposed to date, but ASHLEY, a reporter for the school newspaper, had an opportunity to interview a famous director.Not only did she meet the director and “meet the right people”, she also got to spend time with famous screenwriters and big stars.I met three “high-quality middle-aged and elderly men” in one day, and they all showed their love and praise for her.The star even took her to his house, where they almost had sex before his girlfriend came home.Gatsby meets his friends while waiting for ASHLEY and meets his first girlfriend’s sister while acting as an extra.When ASHLEY got back to the hotel, she said nothing happened.In fact, on a rainy day in New York City, two people who were supposed to be dating have different experiences, and everything has changed.The third, The Mirage is a Spanish thriller that never fails.Add science fiction to the mix, and it gets even crazier.The film is available on all platforms.Some are free.Watch this kind of film, to focus, a careless, miss the details, do not understand.You need to rewind it.There’s a lot of character clues, there’s a lot of twists, and there’s a lot of time travel.Watching this kind of film, you can admire the imagination of the scriptwriter.Why are you such a good storyteller?I won’t give away the plot.Think of a joke, about love: saw the “Condor Heroes” just know age is not a problem;It took brokeback Mountain to learn that gender wasn’t an issue;After watching Ghost, I knew that life and death were not a problem.Even species aren’t a problem after watching King Kong.Watch Mirage, as long as there is love, age, time and space are not a problem.Fourth, When was Ferris Bueller didn’t like the end of the movie.What a pity.Isn’t it supposed to end happily ever after, with the hero and heroine “living happily ever after”?Two young love, love for decades, to more than 50 years old, a single, another wife died because of illness, before the death of his wife has confessed, hope they can live together.Together, only one day, only one night, huaiduo because save drowning children “sacrifice”.It’s a shame to sacrifice.Although even the policemen who fished him up downstream wondered why he was smiling.Is it true that at the end of your life, you would be satisfied to be with the woman you love?Die without regret?I don’t know.I just thought, what a pity.The neighbor who knew her love story asked, minako, what are you going to do with your life?Let’s look at the books first.After missing soprano, she delivered milk in the morning, worked in the supermarket during the day, and spent every night with her books.Reading the brothers Karamazov, a 50-year-old woman, the tolerance of love, restraint, touching and heartache.Fate let her and he finally embrace, but can not stay together.Look at the books first.After that, for the rest of my life.When I saw this film, I thought of Su Dongpo.Ding Ruoquan is the Korean version of Su Dongpo.My heart is my home.Live in the moment.Do something worthwhile, every moment of every day.I also think about the breadth and depth of Chinese culture.In the film, Chang Chang-da studied the University, and Ding Ruo-quan studied the Analects of Confucius, and they also wrote Chinese characters.”This kind of historical subject should be told by us, but this is a Korean film.”It may also be “the movie that best illustrates the mentality of enlightened scholars in modern East Asia so far.”It’s coming out in 2021, in black and white.But at the end, the ship braves the waves, the credits come on, and it turns to color.Blue sky, sea, sunshine.In the early 19th century, when Catholicism was prevailing in Goryeo, jeong Nak-jeon, Jeong Nak-jong, and Jeong Yak-yong, three brothers, accepted Western education, but were ostracized by the imperial court, which pursued Confucian sages. Jeong Was beheaded and Jeong Nak-jeon and Jeong Yak-yong were exiled.The book is about jeong Yak-jeon, who was exiled to Heuksan Island and devoted himself to studying the habits of Marine creatures.Because the name of Heishan is not good to hear, Ding Ruoquan changed his name to Zishan when writing the book of fish.The film not only tells the story of his friendship with zhang Changda, a young local fisherman, but also illustrates the ideas of national governance through their teaching and experiences.During the Spring Festival holiday, I also read the 2019 version of Little Women and The Battle of Zelef, both of which are highly recommended.The first one was a classic that had been remade many times.The second one is Russian, see how they make war movies.Want resources, welcome to join the comments, welcome to join the learning group.