Recruitment Brief for Professor Peng Lei’s research team in Weihai Municipal Hospital

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Weihai Municipal Hospital is a modernized grade-a general hospital integrating medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, first aid, prevention, health care and rehabilitation.It is a leading hospital with the strongest comprehensive medical strength in Weihai city. It is also a postdoctoral innovation practice base in Shandong Province, Weihai Clinical College of Shandong University Qilu Medical College, Shandong University Graduate practice base, Weifang Medical College master training base, Yanbian University Medical Science Teaching base and Shandong Province nursing personnel training base.The hospital is composed of the general hospital, the South hospital and the west hospital, with more than 100 clinical and medical technology departments. At present, 1811 beds are allocated (another 1000 beds will be put into use soon).It is the national advanced stroke Center, the national Chest Pain Center, the National Standardized Atrial fibrillation Center demonstration Center, the National Cardiac Rehabilitation Center (construction unit), the Chinese Heart Failure Center (construction unit) and the Hypertension Standard Center (construction unit), and has two health and health new technology training bases in Shandong Province.Neurology, digestive internal medicine, general surgery, acute, emergency department, clinical nursing and clinical inspection clinical key specialist (construction) seven of shandong province and shandong province clinical key specialty of traditional Chinese medicine (oncology) 1, 2 key disciplines of medicine and health care in shandong province, weihai three clinical medical research center, and more than 20 municipal key specialist (construction).Weihai city hospital health care group has five municipal public medical and health institutions and medical has three large city, covering the whole city around two-thirds of medical resources, is building in weihai city hospital as the lead, “a hospital three two center” city maternal and child health care and other member units as the auxiliary, image inspection management and service center to support complex of medical services.Vacancies include assistant research fellow, postdoctoral fellow and research assistant.Full-time or part-time work is available.1. Cell therapy and stem cell therapy;2. Bone material Science;3. Orthopedics and trauma related clinical medicine.Enrollment: 3-5 persons.Location: Weihai, Shandong.1. Excellent in character and learning, good health, doctor degree, under 35 years old.2. Have strong scientific research ability and team spirit, and have the foundation of the above three research directions.1. Regenerative medicine research: the application of stem cells to reveal the coordination mechanism between stem cells and biomaterials in tissue engineering;Focus on the clinical transformation pathways and standards of cell therapy in the field of regeneration.2. Orthopedic research on medical instrument transformation and 3D printing: clinical transformation research on hemihydrate calcium sulfate artificial bone materials, innovative research on strong alkali bone cement, and research on 3D printed bone materials, structure and bone biological integration.3. Intelligent and digital trauma research: focus on intelligent and digital energy related research based on clinical transformation application of hemodynamics, application of vascular classification system and body energy conservation in trauma resuscitation, key technology and standard path research of surgical robot and virtual reality in clinical application.Professor Peng Lei is mainly engaged in clinical and research work of orthopaedic trauma, orthopaedic biomaterials, and treatment of traumatic osteomyelitis.He has been specializing in the treatment of pelvic, acetabular and periarticular complex fractures in the United States, Europe, Hong Kong and other places, and is one of the famous experts in the treatment of pelvic and acetabular fractures.Head of the Chinese medical doctor association trauma surgeon branch of the standing committee, China association of research hospital clinical application of biological materials branch, deputy director of the committee, the Chinese society of biological materials burn wound wound repair materials branch of the standing committee, the Chinese medical doctor association of emergency physicians branch emergency surgical trauma group members, hainan province medical association medical committee, deputy director of the committee, the trauma of magazine editors,Guest reviewer of Chinese Journal of Emergency Medicine and Chinese Journal of Trauma.Relevant remuneration negotiable.Please send your resume, ID card, doctoral degree, degree certificate and other relevant materials to with the subject line marked “position-name-graduated university-major”.Address: No. 70 heping Road, Huancui District, Weihai City, Shandong ProvinceIn terms of funding, the project can be divided into “basic funding” and “key funding”. After the postdoctoral station (base) recruits one postdoctoral to the station (base) and opens the project according to regulations,The financial department at the same level will give a one-time “basic fund” of 50,000 yuan (each district and city will implement the policy with greater support respectively).”Key subsidies” are given in three grades of 150,000 yuan, 100,000 yuan and 50,000 yuan.In terms of supporting rewards, the postdoctoral staff in the station (base) will be given supporting rewards in the proportion of 1:1 by weihai municipal finance after they have obtained the national and Shandong provincial postdoctoral research project funding.In terms of evaluation and reward, the postdoctoral stations (bases) identified as excellent in national or provincial evaluation will be awarded RMB 100,000 yuan for their sound postdoctoral work system, standardized management, large number and high quality postdoctoral staff, outstanding postdoctoral research achievements and remarkable economic and social benefits.In terms of living allowance, the post-doctoral staff in the station will enjoy the treatment of full-time doctoral students working in Weihai, with 5,000 yuan per person per month.In terms of relocation subsidy, the municipal finance will give 200,000 yuan relocation subsidy to postdocs who work in Weihai within 6 months after leaving the station and settle down and pay social insurance.