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There is not bad street on the senior romantic copywriting sentence sharing!That is you and I.Love and love is not hidden.Love does not define you in it.Feel hello is a trap I also jump.Forever indulged in gentle and concession.There is always someone who is always romantic.There is always someone cheering for you in the distance.When I am chasing the light, I walk with the light.All the preferences will come for you.Thank you for accompanying me.The person who loves you is gentle and omnipotent.Roses will always bloom and romance will never fall.You are my today and all my tomorrows.Company is better than words details than love.Sunset is very gentle world is romantic.My romance and paranoia only belong to you.I hope the pace of the people meet early.This autumn is very good to have wind and love.Thorough materialism is fearless. Love rises east and falls west, more joy and peace.When you are loved, you can feel it without saying.Be gentle people with hot love.Meet is the most intuitive expression of love.Stay with me in my next life forever.You are a hot heart is quiet.Read to speak to people who respond.My love for you has always been infinite cycle.I mean FROM now on I’ll be by your side.All my romantic feelings come from you.I like you all over the mountains.I like you not love words but the truth.Love at first sight will never be out of date.When the principle of heart will keep exception.Rose you take to look at the sea and you see just romantic.Is the night wind is the heart is irreplaceable is you.I will always be with you, not I think I will.I was behind you, you turned around and saw it.I have been following the light has been following you.You come to me the way of the gentle.You lukewarm soft say to me I will listen to you.You will always be my little friend on the tip of my heart.I am very simple who is good to me, I will double to who is good.Like things that have results and a man of his word.Because I like you so I want you to bother me every day.The mountains and rivers such as wine, respect kuang gentle, until death.Casual special treatment will make a person crazy heart.Take your time from crying bag to indomitable adults.Time is not long but the feeling is very deep very sincere.Say a romantic point of the weather is really beautiful you really beautiful.It doesn’t matter if I wait for you as long as the last is you.My mind is very good guess in addition to you is a big fortune.I hope you who love life can be treated well by life.Miss if there is a voice you must feel I am very noisy.”Human love is too vulgar, not as good as a person to see the sunrise” boring always feel almost mean maybe I am boring.Anything at the beginning means that you can’t go back.Although the ordinary people are irreplaceable.I hide the rose behind me and look forward to meeting you.I hope this surge of love can support every four seasons.I hope this autumn and winter left hand milk tea right hand is you.Don’t worry about having you say romantic I love you forever.Just like now with you don’t need to have too many reasons.Grow up slowly life slowly love slowly love you.In fact, I do not understand love is inexplicable very want to come to you.We will get better all hope gentle and warm.Any thing thirst fades color only you are sky blue.At a glance addicted to the copy, but you deja vu experience Chen want you to have a good life also want you to have a me in your life.People will fall vulgar but belong to my romance forever.I just want you to be good, I’m good, we’re all good.Only when you also want to see me, our meeting will make sense.72. “This may sound like nonsense, but I miss you.”The sound of the outside world just reference you are not happy can not refer to.Always be the most crazy one in your world, the most hot and the most memorable one.Born in troubled times, even if fate as ants, but there are still people to the sun.Love has no direction you are the weathervane where you are where my love is.To go to bed early to eat on time don’t make a happy child.You even have a nice color fingertips.Love you, from hair to fingertips.All immutable is love your traces, such as the moon waxing and waning, such as the sun rises from the east, such as Newton’s first law, such as I love you.Because I like you too much, so I am walking on thin ice.I forgot that I was seventeen, and at that age, the whole world was mine.I am indestructible and omnipotent.Ps: If you also like my collection of copywriting, Baidu search can find me MAO!Mua!!!Copywriting is only published for the purpose of users to read and share, if there is a copyright problem, please contact to delete.