A delegation from the municipal government went to Shanghai and Zhejiang to carry out targeted investment promotion

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On February 14, 15, vice secretary of municipal party committee, municipal government delegation to the mayor zhi-cheng rate of Shanghai and jiaxing, huzhou city, zhejiang province, with the new energy vehicles and parts, unmanned, new materials, such as green energy, commercial tour industry project as the key point, aiming at key head enterprises in Yangtze river delta to carry out the accurate investment promotion activities.Delegation visit by Mr Fu (China) investment co., LTD. R&d center and sensitive group future factory, long feng tai lake dragon dream paradise, met with director zf-group KeHaoZhe, red star us triumphant dragon household group President liu min real gold or group chief operating officer Liu Yanchun, long feng group founder and chairman of TongJinQuan.The delegation held in-depth discussions with the entrepreneurs on key cooperation projects in Shenyang to accelerate the progress of the projects and seek all-round and multi-field cooperation.Zf will accelerate the capital increase and production expansion of electric drive components of new energy vehicles, research and layout of r&d test bases;Red Star Macalline will spare no effort to promote the construction of Mengxiang Island Marine Park and Aegean Outlets, and accelerate the layout of Red Nebula, Northeast headquarters of Red Star Robot and Dongfeng Design and Research Institute.Minth Group will accelerate the research and development of new energy core materials in northern China and the production base of the whole industrial chain will be settled as soon as possible.Changfeng Group will speed up the construction of Shenyang Longzhimeng Happy City, strive for the trial operation of some entertainment projects before the end of the year, and create a model of a new commercial format.During the period of investment promotion, Lv Zhicheng introduced the economic and social development of Shenyang and the key target direction of the “14th Five-year plan” period to the entrepreneurs.He points out that shenyang comprehensively implement the general secretary of the northeast, liaoning revitalize xi development’s important speech and the instruction spirit, closely around promote prosperity all-round revitalization achieve new breakthroughs in the new era, strive to build a national center city, the total target, to create “a hub, four centers”, leading the modernization of shenyang city circle construction quality, and the efficiency.Shenyang has obvious regional advantages, solid industrial foundation, outstanding innovation ability and broad development prospects, especially rich green electricity resources, which provide strong support for the project construction.I hope entrepreneurs will seize the opportunity, pay attention to Shenyang, invest in Shenyang, and achieve win-win development.Lv Zhicheng said that Shenyang will adhere to the concept of “project is king, investment is the most important, landing is the most important”, in the process of promoting industrial, city and social development and transformation, continue to optimize the business environment, to provide the whole process of project investment, construction, start and operation service guarantee, to create good conditions for the development of enterprises in Shenyang.Shen News all media reporter: Han Bing