I have something to say about a group of uninvited guests on Lugu Lake

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Yesterday in qionghai lake on the edge of the mood is very complicated, don’t know if everyone is so, after I see buddy hemp hesitated decided with a buddy to visit qionghai edge, even I have happened in his struggle against security, my heart is very cool, also the whole sedate sensible buddy is showing her sensible kind, true don’t rob,Even in many dogs around the time of scrambling for snacks, she can get a number of stable, this confidence should be benefited from the pati ma to bring her plenty of life, but also the precipitation of age, after all, nearly ten years old, advanced ah!I saw Batima go in, so I told Nono to get in too. I’m not exactly a law-abiding person at the moment, but I felt good. I took Nono to drink qionghai lake water and watch seagulls grab bread.Although he always loved to hug me or xiao Ming’s leg and give it a good shake, no one could resist this unrestrained teenager’s passion because it was impossible to resist!The thighs are tight and strong.S ok.Speaking of enthusiasm, wang Zai is the one who impresses me more.I never thought 10-month-old would learn to knock on the door in pursuit of Buddy. If I couldn’t knock, I would make a fuss. If I couldn’t knock, I would ask for help.See here I can not help thinking, if human beings can be so persistent, the society of single men and women may be a lot less, not the world is difficult, but not to do their best, not hard enough ah!New one!!!!!Learn from Wangzai!!Someone’s about to say, my cat Luna is a good dog too!That’s right!I have just said is in the pursuit of the goddess, mong tsai is absolute role models, but if the clever performance in this trip, luna and meows two sisters is definitely came out, don’t run don’t tug of war with me, they love learning, love the collective, unite the dog dog, don’t play not competing for, is also a firm quiet in the car,Even when she stops for a break, she can lie down in the hallway and fall asleep, unless…You will never sigh, ah!Quiet if the son move such as crazy, the original Labrador crazy up is absolutely the first!This is definitely not the last one!The word quiet, let me think of our ha younger sister, I always thought ha younger sister to tuxedo is to rub our coach, I tried many ways to set up more interaction with her, including trying to get snacks make her sit down, and so on, but he’s always with evil spirit’s eyes tell me, don’t monkey around, I found its quiet good!This kind of high cold, get on the bus to sleep and get off to wander, let me feel I like a weak bird, win the favor of girls or not enough technical content!Also let me have this feeling is our tiger, I take snacks to amuse him no effect!The toy didn’t work!!It didn’t work when Luna Mama and they had chicken breast snacks!, but the premise is the presence of hemp, if hemp is not invalid, you are not happy!As a matter of fact, I feel quite guilty. Along the way, Huzi bears the problem of hair loss that he should not have at this age. In the dog business, he is also under greater public pressure than the Chinese men’s football team.Here I would like to express my apology to Sister Guo. I am sorry that I did not arrange your 15-day holiday for you, but only arranged 6 days. The extra day was sent by god!You know (yaxi highway heavy snow road closure, all vehicles stranded in Xichang overnight).Say to god send this day holiday, brother jin NingMei most say, when New Year’s day the day you 365 * 24 this standby state, I found that I don’t envy you this big factory treatment, I teach McGrady on one side than to sit down, and then from the 123, waiting for McGrady jumping on my arms, I really have tried many times,But at present, she only stays on her hind legs and hugs me with her front legs. At the end of each trip, I feel a little frustrated when you take Mai Mai away with you. I am such a selfish person, so I can only look forward to seeing her next time.McGrady!Incidentally give strength elder brother ningmei a suggestion!You must listen!Make sure you bring Mimi next time!# Pet-Friendly # Take your dog on a trip