James Harden for Simmons is a sure bet for the Nets

2022-05-14 0 By

Nets open to harden tradeThis is probably the biggest news before the trade deadline. Harden is definitely leaving the Nets.Simmons’ conflict with the 76ers has hobbled the team in what should have been a championship window, and Harden’s dissatisfaction with the Nets has given the 76ers an opportunity to go for harden.The 76ers will have one of the best inside/outside teams in the league once they get Harden, and with steph’s shooting and Harris’s consistent output, the 76ers will be instant favorites, but I think the nets will benefit more than the trade!1, harden unstable harden, you can say to the big three fusion is one of the largest giant sacrifice, but the fact is that harden in unstable, and so far this season of harden on both ends are obvious drop, in general, durant and Owen defense willingness and ability of the cases, harden the defensive end pay a lot, which leads to his offensive efficiency and serious decline, with simmons, hardenThe defense of the Nets will be instantly refreshed to the top level of the league I, whether outside defense or inside defense Simmons can easily cope with, young simmons defense is more stable and stronger than Harden at least a bit!Irving is not only a self-important player, but also the cause of all the Problems in the Nets. He and Harden both like to handle the ball, which is the root cause of all the problems in the Nets’ offense. Irving’s selfishness is not only in possession, but also in making the team pay for his willful behavior.Simmons a guy who can’t shoot and pass first is the answer to unlocking the offense of kyrie and Kevin Durant and others!3, Durant’s fragile Durant body fragile, Simmons’ arrival in the defensive end can infinitely reduce durant’s defensive pressure, he can defend all positions, but also let the nets overall defense to the top level!Summary, this trade affirmation large probability occurrence, the nets is compared to the 76ers to make money!