Kanye blasted Billie for the incident, demanding that she apologize to Travis Scott

2022-05-14 0 By

That’s outrageous!Kanye West(Ye) tweeted today that he will be performing with Travis Scott at Coachella. Billie Eilish needs to apologize to Travis Scott and the families of the victims because he saw the reports,He thinks that Billie Eilish’s actions at a concert a few days ago (When Billie noticed a fan was having trouble breathing, she stopped the show and asked if anyone had an inhaler and said she would wait until the crowd got better before resuming the show) were a reference to Travis Scott,Travis, who played at Astroworld Music Festival, knew nothing about the stampede and was devastated by it.If he does not receive an apology, he will be dropped from the Coachella festival lineup.Travis Scott also liked Kanye’s tweet.Billie Eilish responded to the post, saying she didn’t mention Travis and was just trying to help her fans.Ed Sheeran Has teamed up with Taylor Swift to remix “The Joker And The Queen,” a sequel to their music video for “Everything Has Changed,” with The same actors now grown up And in college.Calvin Harris shared a clip of the new music in his Instagram story, tagline the female voice as Normani, with whom he collaborated in 2018.Swedish House Mafia have announced the completion of their new album.It’s been nearly a decade since their last album, Until Now.Billie Eilish and the FINNEAS were invited to the White House to meet president Joe Biden.Martin Garrix worked with Zedd in the studio.American singer-songwriter Omar Apollo has announced that his debut studio album IVORY will be released on April 8.Cardi B and Offset have added matching tattoos, including their wedding date of September 20, 2017.Post Malone’s Hollywood' S Bleeding became the fastest album in Spotify history to reach 9 billion streams.Jazz legend Betty Davis, one of the pioneers of Funk music, has died of natural causes at the age of 77.She is known for her controversial sexual lyrics and performance style.Edfoxes’ release of THE KICK on Friday will be online only after THE pop singer revealed he had contracted novel Coronavirus infection.I wish her a speedy recovery!Electronic producer Mura Masa’s new single Baby, featuring Lil Uzi Vert/Pinkpantheress and Shygirl, is expected to be released soon.British singer Mimi Webb’s new single “House On Fire” will be released On February 18.Beyonce wishes BLACKPINK member Rose a happy 25th birthday on her official website.Mike Posner turns 34 today (February 12) and Gucci Mane turns 42.