Learn the spirit of Lei Feng to polish the original mission

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Massachusetts moment news on April 2 – (correspondent Peng Duibo) this past march is learn lei feng activities, facing the severe epidemic situation, on the premise of do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, liuyang settling pond river town, the elementary and middle schools by conducting various forms of learning lei feng activities, encouraged the students to start small, start from around things, carry forward the lei feng’s spirit, be a new era of good students,Inject new positive energy for “big love chengtan”.”Feng” theme class meeting since March, chengtan Jiang town schools actively held “learn from Lei Feng” theme class meeting, the Youth League committee through the organization of all league members and active members of the league class, leading students to approach the story of Lei Feng, understand the moving deeds of Lei Feng, find lei Feng’s footprints, experience the spirit of Lei Feng.Students use colorful brushes, thick ink brushes and powerful pens to commemorate Lei Feng in their hearts and spread the seeds of Lei Feng spirit in this form.Actively carry out “Lei Feng” action in the afternoon of March 10, mountain Lei Feng volunteer team along the street cleaning, purification of the surrounding environment, other Lei Feng youth is chosen in the motherland for lei Feng spirit sowed a “hope” saplings, they are in the “Lei Feng” warm move this spring.On the afternoon of March 2nd, more than 30 members of the Party group of Chengtanjiang Middle School branch and outstanding Young Pioneers visited chengtanjiang Town Hall of Good People, and deeply understood the advanced deeds of miao Changlian, Tao Changbiao, Ouyang Chonghui, He Ping and other typical figures.Dedication of love, everywhere can be “encouraged students to practice the spirit of Lei Feng in small things around them, in various occasions.”Contemporary Lei Feng” campus propaganda Chengtan Jiang Town and Jia Wan Primary school launched the “Lei Feng Spirit into the campus” activity, “Hunan good man” Wang Chengyi combined with his own experience to tell the children around Lei Feng story, education and encourage children to start from the trivial things around, with practical actions to inherit The Spirit of Lei Feng.Little lei feng planted it on March 12, and loud, locust tree loud, states also learn lei feng activities such as field better combined with Arbor Day, let the students grasp the: “lei feng spirit” is the spirit of serving the people wholeheartedly, strengthen students’ sense of mission and sense of responsibility, let other people for our happiness, let the world because of our beautiful.All schools in Chengtanjiang Town pay attention to the timely summary and promotion of the advanced individuals and typical deeds emerged in the activities, and conscientiously organize the selection of the advanced class and the model to learn from Lei Feng. Since March, a batch of students with excellent performance have been awarded.A flag, only held high, to hunt fluttering;A spirit, only when passed on from generation to generation, will have a long history.Through various kinds of activities, chengtan schools continue to guide chengtan students to learn and comprehend the rich connotation of Lei Feng spirit, and stimulate the sense of mission and responsibility to learn from Lei Feng and be a pioneer!Chengtan students warm this spring with action!