More than 1,050 emergency repair workers in Wuhan were mobilized to deal with the snow and ice weather

2022-05-14 0 By

Workers daily client reporter Zou Mingqiang correspondent Yang Li Yi Wu Ji Hongyan January 28, Wuhan suddenly fell heavy snow.In response to snow and ice weather, state Grid Wuhan Power Supply Company, more than 1,050 emergency repair personnel were ready to take action to explain the responsibility of central enterprises.Under the severe situation of “tight supply and prosperous demand” of electric power, Wuhan Power Supply Company of State Grid has worked out a scientific and orderly electricity consumption plan, continuously expanded the resource base of adjustable load, and realized “no roads, no electricity” in hubei, helping Hubei become one of the four provinces without limited electricity in China.It is reported that since last year, Wuhan power supply vigorously promoted the great spirit of fighting against the epidemic, and won a series of battles to aid Zheng, aid with disaster relief and rescue, and deal with extreme weather. 36 people rushed to xi ‘an to fight against the epidemic and protect power, and 19 people went to Beijing Winter Olympics to protect power.As the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger approaches, the Labor Union of Wuhan Power Supply Company of State Grid visited front-line workers and their families, focused on diversified needs and effectively provided services for workers.In the front line of the power supply warriors have said, thanks to the company’s care and care for the family, to ensure that I have, I will win.