“Repeat sampling” “yellow code to green code” “record repeat”?The response!

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Recently, many netizens have inquired about “repeated sampling”, “yellow code to green code”, “nucleic acid sampling record repetition” and other problems. In view of these three questions, here xiao Xin gives a unified answer.Q: Citizens complained that they were repeatedly sampled in the regional nucleic acid test because they moved across the region for work and residence.A: The Municipal Joint Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters reaffirms that in the process of regional nucleic acid testing, the nucleic acid test sampling records or other valid certificates of citizens in the “Suzhouzhou” APP will be recognized within the city limits of Suzhou.No unit or individual may add code layer by layer without authorization, and ask for repeated sampling.Q: The question about the time and space of positive test subjects with sukang code yellow code and then green code.A: Sukang Code fu Huang code management personnel involved in Suzhou Epidemic Prevention and Control No. 9, 2022, who meet the transcoding conditions but fail to automatically transcode, do not need to apply to the local community (village), street (town),The name, ID number, mobile phone number and screenshots of two negative nucleic acid tests can be directly sent to skmzm@suzhou.gov.cn.The office will handle the situation in a timely manner. Please pay attention to the situation of transcoding in time.If necessary, transcoding applicants can call Suzhou 12345 convenient service hotline for consultation.Q: Some citizens reported that nucleic acid test results queried by “Suzhouzhou.com” APP and “Healthy Suzhou PDA” APP were recorded repeatedly.A: Due to the large-scale nucleic acid testing recently, the port of the system platform was adjusted and data duplication occurred. The elimination of duplicate data was completed in the early morning of February 19th. The problem of duplicate records on the “Suzhouzhou.com” APP, “Healthy Suzhou PDA” APP and other platforms has been solved.Suzhou High-tech Zone rong Media Center production source: Suzhou release supervisor: Yun Bin, Ding Rui editor: Huang Xiaomei editor: Ying Zhi forward to let more people know!??????????