A child died after being swept under a car in Beijing.Attention should be paid to traffic safety in the community

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On March 15, a traffic accident happened in the Wolong community of Chaoyang district.A four and a half year old girl died when a car ran over her on the road inside the community.Residents reflect that there is no diversion of people and cars in the community, parking order disorder and other problems.Such problems are not uncommon in the old and small areas of Beijing, and the road traffic safety in the residential areas needs to be paid attention to.On the afternoon of March 16, the reporter came to the Wolong community in Chaoyang district, about one or two hundred meters away from the south gate of the community, can vaguely see a pool of blood on the ground.On March 15, at around 5:54 p.m., there was a traffic accident.According to video taken by residents, a black vehicle entering the road inside the complex collided with a four-and-a-half-year-old girl.A resident surnamed Wang rushed to the scene of the accident and saw the driver of the car and the security guard carrying the girl to the car.Ms. Wang: I was working at home on March 15th. It was about 6:00 p.m. when I heard a lot of noise downstairs, so I stood up to take a look.I saw a car and a crowd of people gathered around and heard everyone Shouting “Go to hospital, call an ambulance”.They picked up something red from the ground, which I later realized was a child.The car owner sent the little girl to Anzhen Hospital for treatment, but the child passed away.Reporters see, the accident of the road about two lanes wide, the road side has been set up a barrier, pedestrians and motor vehicles separated.But footage taken by residents showed a line of vehicles parked on the side of the road.Some residents said the girl ran from between two cars and was run over by the normal car.Ms Wang said, residential car not shunting, there are security risks.Ms Wang: isolation belt is new put, did not put isolation belt when pedestrians are many, roadside and stop are cars, that child wear out affirmation can’t see.Wolong Residential area is an old residential area built in 1997, with more than 1,400 households and about 680 above-ground parking Spaces and 151 underground parking Spaces.According to datun street statistics, wolong village on the ground and the actual parking garage vehicles about 1064.The reporter walked a circle in the village, to see the village open space, road side, part of the pedestrian path between the trees are painted on the parking space, basic has stopped full.Resident: Parking in the community will be more troublesome, the key is that it is not standardized, basically belong to where can stop.Resident: If you walk around here, there are cars parked on both sides of the road, and you often feel that cars just pass you by. Even adults feel scared, let alone such a small child, he does not have such a strong sense of safety.There is chaoyang District Foreign Language School in Wolong community on March 16. There are only grade 1 and 2 students in primary school.At 4:30 in the afternoon, there are students after school, often pick up the children of foreign vehicles into the community, also make the community a little chaotic traffic situation.Part of the pedestrian walkway is occupied, so parents can only lead their children to bypass the vehicles and walk beside the vehicles.Parent: It’s too dangerous. The road is too narrow.When the kids go out after school, the car goes in.And the children are too small a school with liberation, it is easy to happen accidents.Parents: Sometimes there is no sidewalk for children to walk on. They can only walk on the roadway. They take their children’s hands carefully every time.The students after school, walking on the roadway/reporter filming on March 16 March 15 after the accident, the chaoyang district DaTun street agency organization safety office, city management office, the hui community, held a meeting at the wolong district property, for the community and property quickly implement the residents to strengthen safety education, strengthen the patrol inspection, add district traffic signs, etc.Property management staff of Wolong District: on the basis of the existing community, add some safety signs such as speed limit and school in front;A speed bump is planned to extend further north to the entrance of the plot;Safety tips have been posted on all the doors and key billboards.The flow of people picking up children in the morning and evening peak is relatively large, and more property management personnel are dispatched to do a good job of vehicle and personnel guidance on the road from the school to the exit.The gate of the village increased the hint/reporter shot on March 16 south gate road to increase the barrier/reporter shot on March 16 and wolong village a street between the Huizhong Li small area also exist parking, traffic problems, even more serious.Huizhongli community is also an old community built in the 1990s, parking resources are very limited.There are two chaoyang district foreign language primary school, chaoyang Xin kindergarten.When it is time to go to school, the children shuttle between vehicles, and many parents hold their children’s hands tightly to avoid danger.Parents: The footpath is very narrow, but there are still cars on it. Every day, children go around behind this car and around in front of that car to get to the motorway.Then come into the crosswalk and circle around, and then on the motorway, go back and forth in an S shape.Cars block the pedestrian walkway on March 16. Cars shuttle between students on March 16. Cars are parked almost all along the road inside huizong Li residential area.On the east side of the pedestrian path, there is a row of oblique parking Spaces, but some of the front of the vehicle or even the first half of the body are “loaded” on the pedestrian path, plus the street trees, the original not wide pedestrian path can only side through, there are vehicles blocked in the pedestrian path intersection position.After school, the students “flash and shuffle” on the pedestrian road.Student: When I go to school, there are a lot of cars on this road and people are crowded there.Student: I don’t want those cars parked on the footpath. It would affect our way to school.After the accident in Wolong community on March 16, many parents are more worried about the safety of students’ way to school.Citizen Mr. Zhang (surname) spontaneously printed “civilized parking, leave a safe way for children to go to school” and other propaganda words, posted on the road trees of the pedestrian path in Huizhongli District, community and property also jointly posted a proposal.Mr. Zhang: out of this accident, many of our parents feel very difficult to calm down, so do this propaganda language.We want everyone to work together to make it easier to walk and safer to go to school every day.The reporter learned from the property in Huizhong District that the property has taken measures to inform the owners of disorderly parking to move their cars, and arrange security guards to maintain order during school.Many old residential areas in Beijing are faced with problems such as difficult parking and chaotic traffic, but due to the objective conditions, it is not easy to solve this problem overnight.On the one hand, the property should actively assume the responsibility of management, on the other hand, also need to multi-party governance, common break, do not let such an accident happen again.Hope the old community traffic chaos problem as soon as possible to solve the parents also want to play the role of guardian care children forward!1039 investigative group reporters Su Wan, Zhao Mingcong, editor Cheng Yan editor: Beicheng on duty editor: Peng Fei remind friends to pay attention to driving safety!