“Bosom friend” will set sail on the evening of February 14, you can grab tickets

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On the evening of February 14, the “Zhiyin” will set sail once again, walking through the bright lights of the two sides in the spring breeze, telling the tourists a meaningful story of Wuhan.Audiences can consult the performance date and ticket details by following the official website, official weibo and official blog of zhiyin Number.Since its launch on May 20, 2017, “Zhiyin hao” has become a cultural tourism card in Wuhan, attracting tourists from all over the world.High quality performance is the popular traffic password of Bosom Friend.In the past year, director Fan Yue has adjusted and upgraded the performance for three times. “Zhiyin” art Troupe also specially invited national first-class actress Hou Xinxia to guide the performance, improving the professional level of actors, so that visitors can enjoy a richer multi-dimensional audio-visual feast.In addition to polishing performance quality, “Zhiyin Number” also through the new market packaging to show the charm of the original Han school, so that IP development in the forefront of the country.With a high standard of performance quality and innovative service mode, bosom Friend was widely recognized and affirmed by the industry last year, and won the awards of “The first SIT Super Immersion Tourism Project in China”, “Chinese Cultural Tourism Pioneer” and other awards, and also entered the pilot project of international service industry standardization.Jianghan Chaozong Scenic Spot, where zhiyin is located, has been successfully selected in the list of the first national night culture and tourism consumption agglomeration areas, which has been widely recognized and affirmed by the industry.It is reported that “Zhiyin Number” has been reported many times by CCTV news Network, Oriental Time and Space, People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency, China News Service, China Daily and other media, and many overseas social platforms have also praised “Zhiyin Number” frequently.(source: Jimu News) For more exciting content, please download “Wuhan” client in each major application market.