Do you know why it is suggested to leave the toilet lights on when staying in hotels?

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1. Not familiar with the arrangement of items in the hotel room.When going to the toilet in the middle of the night, it is easy to fall or bump in the dark, which is an unsafe factor.The bathroom has a light on, so you can basically see the objects in the room, so you don’t trip and fall.It feels good to turn on the light in a strange place.Sleeping in a strange place, especially girls, courage is small, or some fear.Turn on a lamp, have some gentleness, feel more dependable in the heart, can let a person have a sense of security more.3. The bedside lamp is dazzling.If you don’t turn on the toilet light, turn on the bedside light, the bedside light is more dazzling, affecting sleep.The position of the bedside lamp in each hotel is not exactly the same, and it is not convenient to get up in the middle of the night to find the switch.I’ve been there myself. I tried to touch the power switch on the nightstand and knocked over the water glass, spilling water all over the table. I was in a mess.4. Light leaks in the door.Increase the safety factor.The toilet in the hotel is at the door, the light is on in the toilet, some light will come out from the crack of the door, the people outside will judge that the people inside are not asleep, this is good, can increase your safety factor.5, go out to live in hotels, it is best not to live in hotels too close to the train station, these places floating population is very large, what people have, very complex.Living in a noisy environment can also affect your sleep. Staying away from these places is good for you.6, there is a very important, the hotel is to first check the rooms have no hidden pinhole camera, especially a couple and single girls room, in order to avoid being photographed, carefully check, after confirmed, otherwise it will make you very distressed, once check to have a pinhole camera, not hesitate to immediately report to the police,It’s the best way to stand up for your rights.