Hr | Windward entrance of energy storage track?Tesla’s engineering chief has left for the US power-generation giant

2022-05-15 0 By

Under the energy revolution, energy storage may become a “super track”.Brian Dow, head of engineering at Tesla, has joined Generac, a gas generator market leader, according to Electrek.Generac is reportedly trying to compete with Tesla’s Powerwall.Electrek reports:Brian Dow joined gas generator market giant Generac in 2016 as a senior manager at Tesla. Dow quickly rose to director of Engineering, responsible for “electronics, firmware, Integration and Test,” and has held that position for the past three and a half years.In a linkedin post, Dow confirmed she was leaving Tesla to join Generac as vice president of engineering, leading the clean energy division.The hiring is important for Generac because its main business is under threat from Tesla.Home backup generators are already being disrupted by home battery products, an industry dominated by Tesla’s Powerwall.Many homeowners are ditching traditional noisy, smelly, polluting gas generators and opting for home battery products as backup power.In addition, domestic battery products combined with rooftop solar are more practical than gas generators.The Tesla Powerwall is connected to the grid with a peak power of 7 kilowatts and a continuous power of 5 kilowatts, and tesla is working to become a more important energy storage provider, powering homes and the grid.The Tesla Powerwall can be connected to the power grid and can monitor electricity generation and consumption information in real time through a mobile App.The peak output power of the product is 7 kw, and the continuous power is 5 kW. The user can install up to 10 devices to form an array.Tesla has been deploying the Powerwall at a rate of more than 100,000 units per year as the most popular home battery product, but the product is currently limited by battery supply shortages.In 2021, Tesla disclosed that orders for the Powerwall were backlogged for about six months, limiting the supply of solar charging roofs to order.Tesla has installed more than 250,000 energy storage systems (PowerWalls) worldwide to date.In 2020, Generac launched the PWRcell product in the home battery pack market to compete with the Tesla Powerwall.The PWRcell rivals the Tesla Powerwall in price and energy capacity, at around $20,000 for a 20-kilowatt-hour system.Now Generac wants its clean energy division, led by Dow, to accelerate its development in this area.Tesla CEO Elon Musk has long insisted that “Tesla is more than just a car manufacturer” and insisted that “over time, demand for fixed storage will be at least as high as demand for cars.”For years, that vision seemed to take a back seat to the fierce competition in car production.But now, as the global increase in the pace of new energy transition, this vision is gradually becoming the focus of attention.