People’s Quick review: Curling mixed doubles is off to a great start, and the symphony of youth resounded throughout the arena

2022-05-15 0 By

China’s mixed doubles curling pair Ling Zhi and Fan Suyuan got off to a great start in their world Championships debut with a 7-6 win over Switzerland’s Pelli and Rios on Feb 2 night.New combination of core New Year, steady play to win momentum.Because curling is the longest competition, taking 19 days, the first match was played before the opening ceremony.The mixed doubles team took on the heavy responsibility of the Chinese delegation in the first match, and the first match was against the Swiss team, the runner-up in the last Winter Olympics. Fortunately, the two athletes cooperated well and played steadily.After stealing points in the first half, China held firm in the second half and prevented a comeback in the eighth to send the game into extra time.In overtime, Ling hit a clutch double fly ball at the end of the game, and Fansu won the game with her final throw.In the case of opening the door to meet the strong enemy, the two players cast a momentum, also cast a superb tactical level.Young power into the main curling team, a new lineup to create more opportunities.Ling Zhi and Fan Suyuan are 27 and 25 years old respectively. This is their first time to compete in a World Series as a team. Looking at the entire curling team, 10 of the 12 players are first-time Olympic athletes, and the average age is only 27 years old.The younger the team is, the more it needs to show its momentum in the face of strong opponents. Despite the disadvantage of inexperience, it needs to seize the opportunity that opponents do not know enough about them and stabilize the mentality.Throughout the match between Ling Zhi and Fan Suyuan, the two of them in the sixth set after a small mistake, continue to play at a high level is the key to their victory, I believe that not fear, not panic, not arrogant, will become the whole Chinese team.Curling has always been known as “chess on ice”. It tests the players’ comprehensive abilities such as tactics, coordination and physical strength, and it is self-evident to watch.The Chinese curling team has also achieved remarkable results in recent years, with the women’s team winning the world Championship in 2019, which has put the sport into the national spotlight.With the mixed doubles team winning China’s first victory in the Winter Olympics, we expect the young team to sing a symphony of youth, refresh their best performance at home and shine on the ice.Source People’s Daily online editor Duan Lanqian editor Yang Tao Liu Shiya