Sichuan Yi-dian Airlines has made a strong start to the New Year.

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After the Spring Festival, the equipment manufacturing industry in Yibin started “accelerating” mode, especially Sichuan Yidan Aviation Technology Co., LTD., located in The Sanjiang New Area of Yibin, with a large number of orders and busy production, the company is doing its best to compete for the “good start” of the first quarter.Recently, the reporter came to the Sichuan Electric Aviation Technology Co., LTD., located in sanjiang New Area, six staff members are conducting flight experiments on a uav product.Ke Xiaoming, manufacturing director of Sichuan Yidian Aviation Technology Co., LTD., said the product being tested is a new self-portrait drone that yidian Aviation will sell to Germany.”In the process of flight testing, we will check its flight posture, including some functions of automatic photo taking, automatic video recording, automatic return and face recognition. Only when 100 percent of it passes, will it be packaged accordingly.”Sichuan Yidan Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. is a global leading equipment and aircraft manufacturer, whose products are widely used in military, police, civil and other fields. It has an important position in the national and even global UAV manufacturing field.In January, the company launched a new self-portrait drone, which has been well received, especially after the Spring Festival, with orders pouring in, and flight test staff working in “sprint” mode every day.”The total number of orders we got was 30,000 units, and we started with 10,000 units.”The first order will take about 15 days to fly, and it will take 45 to 50 days for all 30,000 units to fly, Ke said.Next door to the fly-test lab is the company’s manufacturing workshop, where workers are still in full swing as they screw, weld and assemble the latest batch of drone orders.Ai Jianjun, operation director of Sichuan Yidan Aviation Technology Co., LTD., introduced: “Since the beginning of the year, our orders are very sufficient, and the whole series of products are being produced.At present, we can produce 1,000 to 12,000 selfie drones per day, and about four to six industrial drones per day.”It is reported that Sichuan Yidan Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. settled in Yibin Sanjiang New Area in 2020. In the past two years, the company has experienced many growth and transformation from transition plant to self-built park, and its output value has increased from more than 40 million yuan at the beginning to 100 million yuan in 2021.In the first quarter of this year, with the upgrading of products and the enrichment of orders, Sichuan Electric power is expected to achieve a “leapfrog” “good start”.”In the first quarter, our target output value is to reach 100 million yuan and output 30,000 units (sets) of products. The current output value has already reached more than half, increasing by about four times compared with last year.”Ai jianjun said.In 2022, Sichuan Yidan Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. will also aim at new targets, continue to increase product research and development efforts, and strive to achieve greater breakthroughs in output value.”In 2022, our guaranteed sales are 350 million yuan.”Ai jianjun said that in the next four hundred million yuan will be sprint, in addition to equipment uav, industrial UAV, plant protection machine, selfie UAV, will also expand the entire industrial chain, including intelligent travel equipment workshop, mold workshop and carbon fiber workshop.Content source | Yibin reporter | Chen Yongbo Graphic editor | Mou Xi responsible editor | Yang Huping