Wang Lao Ji + meta-universe, is it reliable?

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Source: China Entrepreneur Magazine
The meta-universe should not be a basket into which you can put everything.Reporter | cher-ming liou edit | smart like zuckerberg just touch the yuan li wei doors of the universe, the Chinese consumers may be first bite on the yuan universe cool tea to drink.Recently, WLK affiliated company Guangzhou Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical Group was reported to be applying for the registration of “WLK yuan Universe” trademark, international classification for beer beverages.Later, the relevant person in charge of the food Marketing Department of Wong Lo Kat Pharmaceutical responded that Wong Lo Kat did plan to make some bold attempts in the field of metaverse.Wong Lao Kat has teamed up with Alibaba to launch baijia Digital collection during the Spring Festival, with the first batch containing 100 surnames.Even so, the relationship between this brand of herbal tea, which started in Guangzhou during the Daoguang period, and the Meta-universe remains puzzling.In 2021, the metaverse concept is heating up rapidly.Zuckerberg renamed Facebook “Meta,” insisting that “we’re at the beginning of a new chapter for the Internet.”Famous Chinese singer Jj Lin has also jumped on the bandwagon, buying tokens and virtual plots with huge sums of money. Similar meta-universe collections have also been sold for astronomical prices comparable to those of art.Just as the development of scientific theory needs paradigm revolution to reach a certain stage, the development of technology also needs new premise and imagination to reach a certain bottleneck stage.There seems to be a tacit understanding among tech companies to see the metasomes as the next evolution of the Internet, with Bytedance and Tencent already well ahead of the curve by buying metasomes.Car making new forces ideal, Xiaopeng, NIO have also registered yuuniverse trademark, BYD also applied for the “BYD Yuuniverse” trademark.However, there are some enterprises, it seems that there is no intersection with the universe, also do not know the door of the universe, just do not want to miss the train, have registered trademarks “enter” the universe.For example, Milk tea Michelle Ice City applied for the registration of “Michelle Yuan Universe”, and Shuanghui applied for the registration of “original universe” trademark.As many as 709 companies related to the “meta-universe” will be registered in 2021, up from 68 in 2020, according to Qichumcha.Essence securities in a research report pointed out that the yuan research framework of the universe can be subdivided into six major components, which provides the experience of entry and operating system, hardware support yuan universe smooth running of the back-end infrastructure, infrastructure and the core factors of production, the content of the flowers and scene, ecological prosperity emerged in the process of a large number of technical and service together.For consumer brands like Wong Lo Kat, far from any industrial link in the construction of the meta-universe, the move is closer to a marketing tool.It’s not hard to understand why Wong lao-kat “gets hot”.Ye Jizeng, deputy general manager of WLK Health, introduced that as a plant energy drink, the main consumer of WLK is young people under 30 years old, accounting for about 60%~65%.The 194-year-old Wong Lo Kat is also trying to fit in with the generation Z community in the face of new beverage brands such as Hi Tea and Nai Xue Tea.In early February 2021, Wang lao-ji launched the two-dimensional image “Cool Sister” in Bilibili.But the meta-universe shouldn’t be a basket, filled with everything.Old brands can not blindly under the guise of meta-universe marketing hype, untimely rub hot spots will not only make the original neutral concept stigmatized, the brand itself is also vulnerable to criticism.What’s more, the reasonableness of the metadverse is debatable.Zhou Hongyi, founder of 360 Group, once said, “Virtual VR and virtual world can help us complete our work in the real world. Maybe it is OK for us to play script killing remotely.But a lot of the idea of the meta-universe is that people are really engaged in the community.”At present, several companies have applied for metasomes trademark process information has changed, some unrelated concepts are being rejected.The associated company of the online game “Blue Moon” applied for the registration of several “zhuzhuaiyuuniverse”, the trademark process of “Music Yuyuwu” applied by NetEase was changed to “notice of rejection issued”, and the trademark process of “Yuyuwu” applied for registration by the affiliated company of Ideal Automobile was changed to “waiting for rejection review”.It’s time to cool down the hype around the concept of the metasverse.