Lithuanian officials attend Beijing Winter Olympics to discuss “name change” to ease relations

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After sending the largest-ever Olympic delegation to the Beijing Winter Olympics, Lithuania is reportedly discussing changing the name of its so-called Taiwan representative office.The United News Network commented on October 26 that the DPP authorities had brought this upon themselves, while Lithuania apparently did not understand the subtleties of cross-strait relations. “It has also taught the international community a lesson that Taiwan is a political landmine and should be careful not to step on it.””Unlikely to change Beijing’s attitude,” Reuters reported Monday, citing two officials familiar with the matter. Lithuania’s Foreign Minister Landzberges suggested last week to President Alexander Nowseda that the name of the office be changed to “Taiwan people” instead of just “Taiwan” in a bid to ease tensions with Beijing.Because Taipei’s current English name in Lithuania uses “Taiwanese” instead of “Taiwan,” changing the Chinese translation means that it matches the Lithuanian name, but that requires a nod from Taiwan authorities.But While the Lithuanian government may want to stress that the institute does not view Taiwan as a political entity, but rather that Vilnius wants to build cultural, economic and other ties with the Taiwanese people, “anything that Lithuania does at this point is unlikely to change Beijing’s attitude,” said Mr. Kjarra, who heads the Vilnius Center for Eastern European Studies.The Financial Times also reported on August 21 that Washington suggested Lithuania change the name of its representative office, and that the Taiwan representative Office would not help deepen the relationship between Taiwan and Lithuania.After the news from Reuters came out, Taiwan’s CENTRAL News Agency reported early on The 26th that three Lithuanian sources told the Central News Agency that “the report is not true”.’One option to lower tensions with China could indeed be to change the name of the Taiwan representative office, but Lithuania has to carefully assess the consequences of changing the decision at such short notice,’ the article said in an interview with local Lithuanian radio.She added that Lithuania should not make a new “mistake” after it had already made one, and that officials were not advocating a name change.Zhu Fenglian, spokesperson of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, said at a regular press conference on Monday that the mainland firmly opposes any act that undermines the One-China principle and hopes relevant Lithuanian side will take concrete actions to correct previous mistakes.It is nothing new for her to criticize the DPP authorities for spending huge sums of money and seeking international independence for their own political gains.What they are spending is the hard-earned money of the People of Taiwan. This is a genuine “money diplomacy” and “kaizi diplomacy”, which not only makes people laugh but also harms the interests and well-being of the People of Taiwan.The DPP authorities strongly deny this.Taiwan’s premier Su Tseng-chang said Thursday that he would respect the practices of other regions.Taiwan’s foreign minister Joseph Wu said Lithuania wanted to strengthen relations with Taiwan at a high-level meeting on Wednesday, and the name change was not under discussion at the meeting.Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs also said it had never been asked to change the name.However, according to a commentary published by China Times on Monday, a Lithuanian poll published in December 2021 showed that nearly 60 percent of respondents opposed the government’s policy towards the mainland, and only 13 percent supported Lithuania’s decision to set up a Taiwan representative office “based on value”.Lithuania’s opposition parties also lashed out at the government’s actions, making the incident part of the country’s internal political struggle.”Lithuania is likely to have a desire to get out of the mess as soon as possible,” the article said, citing media estimates of billions of euros in losses.China Daily said Monday that Joseph Wu’s announcement to open a Taiwan representative office in Lithuania in July last year provoked a backlash from the Mainland, which downgraded diplomatic relations with Lithuania, recalled its ambassador to Lithuania and restricted imports of Lithuanian goods.In order to win over Lithuania, the Tsai Ing-wen administration first donated masks and promised to provide Lithuania with $200 million “Taiwan Central and Eastern Europe Investment Fund”.After Lithuania’s president said it was a mistake to allow Taipei to use the name “Taiwan”, it stepped up its offer of a $1 billion financing fund.On February 1, Taiwan’s tobacco and alcohol companies will also start selling Lithuanian rum, which has been rejected by the Mainland, at several times the price on the mainland.When e-paper 25, a review of the truth, “overpay” in Taiwan, tsai ing-wen, the authorities see “Allies” one after another “diplomatic relations”, can only make “dollar diplomacy”, the authorities and the money is not enough, still pull on the money together, if who bought it four times higher price of rum, not on his face was written plainly “kyle” am I?”The Taste of Rum,” the China Times said in a commentary titled “The Taste of Rum,” citing Lithuania’s decision to send its largest-ever Olympic delegation to the Beijing Winter Olympics. “It’s certain that Taiwanese will be able to drink expensive Lithuanian rum during the Spring Festival holiday.While cheering for Lithuania, the biggest Olympic team in history, it will be unforgettable.”The United News Network said Thursday that Lithuania apparently did not approve of using the sensitive English name Taiwan by the Taiwanese Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), which switched to Taiwanese instead, sparking a lot of controversy.The article urged the DEMOCRATIC Progressive Party (DPP) to stop thinking about “diplomacy” as a bargaining chip in the election and think about the overall interests of Taiwan. “It is time to wake up.”