No purchase and sale!No import!This kind of food cools thoroughly

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On January 29, the State Administration for Market Regulation, the State Health Commission and the General Administration of Customs jointly issued a notice on investigating and Punishing illegal acts in the production and operation of food containing gold and silver foil powder.Provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government and xinjiang production and construction corps market regulator (hall, committee), health committee, the General Administration of Customs: guangdong branch, each directly under the customs according to the laws and regulations of food safety and food safety standards and regulations in our country, gold, silver foil gold (silver) powder material (hereinafter referred to as the tinsel powder) is not a food additive, can not be used in food production or marketing.In order to further strengthen supervision over food safety, safeguard people’s physical and mental health and life safety, and purify the market consumption environment, the relevant matters are hereby notified as follows: 1. Strict supervision over food safety.Market supervision departments at all levels shall urge food producers and operators to strictly fulfill their main responsibilities. Food producers shall not purchase and use gold foil powder to produce and process food, food sellers shall not purchase and sell food containing gold foil powder, and catering service providers shall not produce and sell meals containing gold foil powder.2. Strict supervision over the safety of imported food.Customs departments at all levels should urge food importers to fulfill their main responsibilities, not to import food containing gold and silver foil powder, and immediately stop selling food that has been imported.Third, strict supervision of online transactions.Market regulatory authorities at all levels should urge online trading platforms to strictly implement the main responsibility, strengthen the qualification examination of operators on the platform, and prohibit operators on the platform from selling food containing gold and silver foil powder.Strengthen the monitoring of online trading of “food containing gold and silver foil powder” and “edible gold and silver foil powder”, and timely urge online trading platforms to take disposal measures such as taking down shelves according to law.4. Strict supervision over advertising.Market supervision departments at all levels should severely crack down on advertising activities that violate social good manners by adding gold and silver foil powder as gimmick to promote luxury enjoyment and money worship, and strictly investigate and punish false and illegal advertisements advertising that adding gold and silver foil powder in food has health care functions and therapeutic effects.V. Cracking down on violations of laws and regulations.All relevant departments should strengthen law enforcement, severely crack down on the illegal acts of producing and operating food containing gold and silver foil powder, severely crack down on the illegal acts of falsely advertising gold and silver foil powder as edible, and severely crack down on the illegal acts of importing food containing gold and silver foil powder.Once relevant illegal acts are confirmed, they will be dealt with strictly and promptly in accordance with the law.Anyone suspected of committing a crime shall be transferred to a public security organ for criminal responsibility according to law.Sixth, strengthen popularization of science and public opinion guidance.All relevant departments should strengthen education on food safety, nutrition and health, organize experts to carry out health interpretation, correctly guide public opinion, timely release consumption tips, and advocate scientific and rational consumption.We will encourage people from all sectors of society to exercise oversight, open up channels for complaints and reports, actively create a favorable consumer environment, and resolutely curb the practice of “eating gold”.State Administration for Market Regulation state Health Commission General Administration of Customs January 29, 2022 Source: State Administration for Market Regulation official website, morning news selected @ Guizhou people, large amount of information!Extra trains at Guiyang North Railway Station during Spring Festival travel rush are good news!Eight areas of Guizhou have been named national demonstration counties of “Four good Rural roads”